Tuesday, January 19, 2010

First Aid Corps was created with the realization that only a few selected people are courageous and motivated to render first aid to their fellow human beings in times of distress. And of the various forms of human distress, none is more critical than sudden cardiac arrest, where the chance of survival reduces by approximately 10% for every minute wasted. This then drops quickly to close to zero after approximately the 5th minute. If we can manage to increase survival chances for sudden cardiac arrest cases, then we can achieve other successes easily.

, how do we connect these heroes to those who suddenly find themselves in distress? We are creating, sourcing and providing these heroes the ability to seek and save them. Modern technology solutions, such as those deployed by ShowNearby,now enables mass communication never seen before since the Industrial Revolution. Now, most refer our times to the Technology Revolution, in which one can find the Digital Era.

Sudden cardiac arrests are low-probability but high-negative impact events. To battle against this problem, we look for high-probability and low-negative impact technology that the human race has adopted at this point in time. 
We find that solution in the personal mobile phone such as that offered by ShowNearby's Directory. The evolution of the mobile phone has been tremendous in recent years. We are now harnessing the power of smartphone technology to help achieve our aim, and we are looking for heroes anywhere in the world. As Benjamin Franklin once said,

Tell me and I’ll forget,
Show me and I might remember,
Involve me and I’ll understand.

Dr Dana Elliott Srither
First Aid Corps (Singapore)

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