Thursday, January 14, 2010

By Caroline Yeung

ShowNearby recently connected with First Aid Corps (a worldwide volunteer coalition) to provide the tools necessary to facilitate automated external defibrillators (AED) search access. Both ShowNearby PathFinder and Product Locator enable users to identify locations that house AEDs, use the facilities, and delay cardiac arrest severity.

One of ShowNearby’s corporate aims is simply this - to translate the use of its tools to great use. In this case, what is greater than saving lives? We provide the link to allow the public to make efficient use of the facilities that are available. All these AEDs are out there, and they are available for use in most parts of the world. The tasks are to data-base such points and make them searchable. Afterwards, through public awareness efforts, the job is really to educate families who are in need – to make them realize that they can search AED points when they are out shopping, strolling, or even travelling. They just have to choose between online or mobile access.  

For more details about the announcement, please go to’s-pathfinder-and-product-locator-tools-using-google-maps-to-reduce-sudden-cardiac-arrest-deaths/.

Calling those AED search users:

We are also keen to hear from those who have recently used this AED access – please send in your thoughts. Thanks. 

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