Friday, April 2, 2010
Don't get all excited yet peeps. This blog post is just to inform everyone out there that as of 1st April 2010 (nope, its not an April fool's joke), we have decided officially that we are going to work on an iPhone version for ShowNearby.

Over the past one month or so, we've had countless feedbacks, suggestions, emails and petitions from our users all along the lines of "We want ShowNearby on iPhone!". In fact we even had one user who went to the extent of visiting our office and just telling us in person that he desperately wanted an iPhone version after seeing it on his brother's Android! (Yes, we're open to office visits occasionally, we gave him a tour of our office and offered him some beer coffee too.)

So in any case, the royal decree has been given, and the decision has been set in stone. ShowNearby....on iPhone....coming soon....real soon...

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