Tuesday, June 29, 2010
Lately, we have been receiving numerous requests from our Muslim users to include the ability to ShowNearby mosques and prayer locations for their convenience.

We have reviewed the requests and believe its an important amenity to include. We're now trying to work MUIS to give us the Mosque locations data we require. We are also having talks and discussions with the kind folks at IslamicEventsSG (@IslamicEvents) to provide us with prayer locations!

Stay tuned people!
Thursday, June 24, 2010
Our loyal users are familiar with the fact that our ShowNearby Android App (now on iPhone too!) actually helps to show nearby bus stops, the buses servicing that bus stop and also the time of arrival of those buses. This means you can plan when to reach the bus stop in time for the next bus.

What this does for that lovely bus driver is that he no longer has to watch his side mirror ensuring that there are no last minute riders chasing after the bus and hopping on at the last instant risking severe disfigurement (yeah, closing bus doors and noses don't mix well.) So the bus company is probably really thankful for our app and thus they decided to show us a little appreciation by giving us some real estate on their bus advertisement! Check out the pic below!

So we saw the small little 'ShowNearby' icon on a bus advertisement and took the chance to snap a quick picture. That's PK our lead developer risking his life and limb for the sake of taking the picture! Sorry PK, but if you got injured, this would not count as work-related injury and our corporate insurance won't cover it.

But in all seriousness, that bus advertisement was actually for Sony Ericsson's new Xperia (X10) phone which comes pre-bundled with our ShowNearby app. Thanks for showcasing and remembering us guys! We're so touched...
Tuesday, June 22, 2010
Indeed, after months of hardwork. We are proud to announce that ShowNearby on iPhone is finally available for download from Apple's App Store! First of all, we need to thank the people behind the scenes including Derek who took great pains in designing it, CJ for developing the technical portion and of course our many users who requested for it.

We have included some screenshots for it below and we'll upload a video documenting how to use it as well. Download it and let us know your thoughts! Also, for those of you who actually made that requested, we're expecting you all to help spread the message to at least 10 friends each!

Oh, and because we believe in the power of free and that the best things in life come for free, we have decided to make this app absolutely free for you iPhone users as well!

Monday, June 21, 2010
Yes! Calling out to all loyal supporters, we have added the World Cup category in our ShowNearby Android Application.This means you can now Search for nearby locations with live screening of the World Cup!! Many thanks to our Android Master, Jose who got it up and running in no time at all.

However, we do lack the coffeeshops locations. If any of you guys out there know of a place, please send the address, location and all to us. We'll be happy to include it to benefit all soccer fans out there!

Have fun and enjoy the season. Feel free to post any comments about the app, about World Cup, or pretty much anything you'll like to discuss about!
Sunday, June 20, 2010
CommunicAsia 2010 at Expo has been a blast! We would like to extend a heartfelt thanks to all the people at iDA who made it happen. ShowNearby got the chance to showcase our ShowNearby Analytics under iDA's iSingapore booth. Pictures of the event will follow soon.

In the meantime, here's a video of a lights display that the guys at iDA did up for us. It was indeed a pleasant surprise and we felt so touched when we saw it....Awww.. (yeah, we know it doesn't look too good in the video below. But that's because we took the video with the lousy iPhone camera. The real thing looks much nicer.)

We'll also like to thank the following colleagues from ShowNearby who did a great job in helping us out at the booth. Jose, Daniel, Judy, Derek and finally to Douglas who made a 1 minute cameo appearance at the event!
Monday, June 14, 2010
Yes, ladies and gentlemen...The World Cup competition is finally back after a long and excruciating 4 years wait. World Cup season is where teams from all over the world come to do battle on the pitch to earn the coveted ugly looking trophy, while their loyal fans unite under a common cause to support and edge their nation's team on for glory. 

It's also a time when wives and girlfriends unite under a common cause of grumbling and complaining about aforementioned loyal fans.

As world cup fever hits our shores, we know that naturally one big question remains on everyone's mind. A question that puzzles everyone from soccer experts to your friendly provision shop owner. A question that even people who watch world cup at home everyday is unable to answer. Yes, its the question of "Where got show World Cup?". 

(If you're wondering why the question isn't "Who's going to win the World Cup?", it's because we at ShowNearby already know. It's Argentina Holland Spain. Don't worry, we'll come back and edit this post if Argentina Holland Spain loses.)

Apart from the usual suspects (McDonalds, Pubs, Friend's house, Neighbour's house, coffee shops) this year, world cup matches will also be screened live at some of your nearby community centres.

Now as part of our social responsibility to the football-loving public, ShowNearby is going to release an update to our ShowNearby Android Application that allows our users to find a nearby place screening live World Cup matches. It's will be available really soon so keep a lookout for your Android Notifications!

Lastly, we would like to remind our users that if you engage in betting activities, remember to play responsibly, bet within your limits, do not chase loses, and donate half your winnings to ShowNearby!

Disclaimer: ShowNearby shall not be liable for any damages, loss in work productivity, broken relationships, dark eye rings resulting from the use of ShowNearby's Android application to find nearby World Cup screening locations.
Friday, June 11, 2010
Introducing...............ShowNearby AXS! Yes, our dear users, you can now use ShowNearby to find nearby AXS Stations. These stations provide you with a whole ton of services that if we had to list them down here one by one this blog post will never end...

Seriously though, on hindsight, this was probably one of the most useful points of interests we have ever added to the ShowNearby database.

Think for a moment what this means...Thanks to the multiple functions of the AXS machine, it now means that ShowNearby is empowering our users to find a nearby Box Office, nearby fine payment, nearby promotions and a whole variety of other convenient things!

A Short Laundry List
ShowNearby Traffic Summon Payment
ShowNearby NEA Summon Payment
ShowNearby Handphone Bill Payment
ShowNearby Credit Card Bill Settlement
ShowNearby Hospital Bill Payment
ShowNearby Park Camping Reservation

All that just by adding AXS stations to our database...Neat! A big thank you to our users out there who requested for this POI.