Friday, June 11, 2010
Introducing...............ShowNearby AXS! Yes, our dear users, you can now use ShowNearby to find nearby AXS Stations. These stations provide you with a whole ton of services that if we had to list them down here one by one this blog post will never end...

Seriously though, on hindsight, this was probably one of the most useful points of interests we have ever added to the ShowNearby database.

Think for a moment what this means...Thanks to the multiple functions of the AXS machine, it now means that ShowNearby is empowering our users to find a nearby Box Office, nearby fine payment, nearby promotions and a whole variety of other convenient things!

A Short Laundry List
ShowNearby Traffic Summon Payment
ShowNearby NEA Summon Payment
ShowNearby Handphone Bill Payment
ShowNearby Credit Card Bill Settlement
ShowNearby Hospital Bill Payment
ShowNearby Park Camping Reservation

All that just by adding AXS stations to our database...Neat! A big thank you to our users out there who requested for this POI.

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