Tuesday, June 22, 2010
Indeed, after months of hardwork. We are proud to announce that ShowNearby on iPhone is finally available for download from Apple's App Store! First of all, we need to thank the people behind the scenes including Derek who took great pains in designing it, CJ for developing the technical portion and of course our many users who requested for it.

We have included some screenshots for it below and we'll upload a video documenting how to use it as well. Download it and let us know your thoughts! Also, for those of you who actually made that requested, we're expecting you all to help spread the message to at least 10 friends each!

Oh, and because we believe in the power of free and that the best things in life come for free, we have decided to make this app absolutely free for you iPhone users as well!


tigerwarrior said...

Cool! Finally, I've been waiting for this on iPhone forever!

Thanks guys!

Mister_M said...

Haha! Me too! Finally!!!!!

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