Monday, June 14, 2010
Yes, ladies and gentlemen...The World Cup competition is finally back after a long and excruciating 4 years wait. World Cup season is where teams from all over the world come to do battle on the pitch to earn the coveted ugly looking trophy, while their loyal fans unite under a common cause to support and edge their nation's team on for glory. 

It's also a time when wives and girlfriends unite under a common cause of grumbling and complaining about aforementioned loyal fans.

As world cup fever hits our shores, we know that naturally one big question remains on everyone's mind. A question that puzzles everyone from soccer experts to your friendly provision shop owner. A question that even people who watch world cup at home everyday is unable to answer. Yes, its the question of "Where got show World Cup?". 

(If you're wondering why the question isn't "Who's going to win the World Cup?", it's because we at ShowNearby already know. It's Argentina Holland Spain. Don't worry, we'll come back and edit this post if Argentina Holland Spain loses.)

Apart from the usual suspects (McDonalds, Pubs, Friend's house, Neighbour's house, coffee shops) this year, world cup matches will also be screened live at some of your nearby community centres.

Now as part of our social responsibility to the football-loving public, ShowNearby is going to release an update to our ShowNearby Android Application that allows our users to find a nearby place screening live World Cup matches. It's will be available really soon so keep a lookout for your Android Notifications!

Lastly, we would like to remind our users that if you engage in betting activities, remember to play responsibly, bet within your limits, do not chase loses, and donate half your winnings to ShowNearby!

Disclaimer: ShowNearby shall not be liable for any damages, loss in work productivity, broken relationships, dark eye rings resulting from the use of ShowNearby's Android application to find nearby World Cup screening locations.

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