Friday, July 30, 2010
It is with tears in our eyes that we allow Judy to leave our side......and return to her studies in NTU (Nanyang Technological University)! Over the past 3 months that Judy has been with us, she has made significant contributions to ShowNearby and her work performance was nothing short of spectacular!

In fact, we were so impressed with her work that we have offered her a place in our company after her studies is complete! She single-handedly did a dynamic wordpress integration for our main site and even developed working prototypes for our mobile applications in her short stint here!

Check out Judy's pressroom family profile page before we take it down and dump place her with all the other past interns! We're sad to see you go, but worry not for you'll always be in our hearts and we'll still be friends for a long time to come (as long as facebook is still around).

As today (30/07/2010) is Judy's last day, she arrived bright and early at office at 0930hrs sharp with her parting gift for us: Famous Amos cookies! See what transpires below...

Judy with Cookies
0930hrs + 4 secs:
No more Judy
0930hrs + 2 secs later:
Judy with
Cookies snatched from her

After we did the necessary, we can now enjoy the gift!

It's one pack for the whole company of 18 people. According to the Nutritional Facts, theres about 56 cookies in the pack. Which resolves to about 3.1111 cookie per employee. At this point in writing, about half the cookies have been eaten. We shall not name names, but you know who you are De*ek!

To make up for our mean behavior earlier, we took Judy out for ice-cream at Udders!

That's $30 worth of Ice-Cream

Finally, from all of us at ShowNearby, thanks for your support and your help in the past 3 months Judy! We really enjoyed working with you and hope to see you again soon! All the best in your future endeavours.

- The ShowNearby Family

P.S: We're just kidding about the friends on facebook stuff Judy, we can also be friends on Twitter!

UPDATE: In order to avoid physical abuse, the appropriate changes based on Commenter number 1's comments have been made to the above blog post.


Douglas Gan said...

Judy did not do just static pages on our site! She did Dynamic WordPress Integration hor!


Judy, go whack Daniel please.

Douglas Gan said...

Judy, whack harder.

Daniel said...

She won't...Not after I wrote so much for her... She is the first person who gets a "departure" blogpost at ShowNearby!

Judy said...

*whack Daniel with his marblo*

Daniel said...

Don't you even try.... >:(

Derek said...

I didn't even eat a single cookie..don't use me as entertainment purpose thank u

PK said...

good one derek ;)

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