Friday, July 23, 2010
Normally we do not advocate gambling. However, the user requests for showing nearby Singapore Pools outlets have been waaaay too overwhelming for us to keep convincing them individually that gambling is bad for health. So well, if you can't convince them. Join them!

And so ladies and gentlemen, if you have a sudden stroke of inspiration, feel lucky and there's a burning desire within you to contribute to Singapore pool's community effort but have no idea where the nearest Singapore Pools outlets is, look no further than your friendly ShowNearby on Android. Simply search for "Singapore Pools" or "Toto" in the search feature and the nearest betting stations will show up for your gambling pleasures!

And here's a picture of our new hire Oliver who served as a beta tester to test the accuracy of our new data of Singapore Pools location! He has found a nearby Singapore Pools outlet to place his bets of $1..courtesy of ShowNearby on his Sony Ericsson x10!

We'll share a little bit of additional information to alleviate some of the guilt of gambling...Did you know that Singapore Pools donates back millions of dollars yearly to charity?

However, users who have been following our blog religiously would probably not have donated to charity very much during the World Cup due to our successful prediction of the winner of World Cup 2010. (Check out our blogpost World Cup is HERE if you don't believe!)

Finally, to that one user who requested for it...The answer is "No, we are not going to ShowNearby illegal bookies!!!!!" Not even if a million users requested for it...


4D Results said...

Goodness gracious! finally!

This is good shit! Thanks ShowNearby! Tx you!

p.s. are those the winning numbers!

Daniel Poon said...

No problem! Please remember to tell us the outlet you went to if you placed a winning bet. Then maybe we can have ShowNearby "lucky" Singapore Pools Outlets!

Unfortunately, Oliver donated $1 to charity as of last night...Hahaha!

Oliver Arce said...

hahaha that's ok actually, helping through charity.. got 2 drawn numbers! not bad for my first set of numbers :D

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