Tuesday, July 27, 2010
Introducing our new addition to the ever growing ShowNearby family! Michael has just joined us as a mobile developer. His main tasks involves transferring the success we have had on iPhone and Android onto the Blackberry. And here's a picture of him relaxing on the ezy chair at 2:01pm (i.e. 1 minute after lunch break was over).


The reason we hired Michael is because we have also been receiving requests from Blackberry users asking for a similar application on their Blackberry phones after seeing their significant others, friends etc. playing with ShowNearby on their iPhones and Androids (Here's looking at you Scott Harding!).

We still are afraid of spreading our love too thin and going into another relationship with another platform, (read our blog post on Why Android? to understand what we mean. Go on, we'll wait right here...) but at the same time we have to fulfil our company's policy of "Ask and you shall receive" to our users.

Hence, to put our money where our mouth is, we have decided to employ someone dedicated to bring ShowNearby onto the Blackberry!

Unfortunately, we were unable to source for nice new Blackberry phones to test on and expediate the development process. Thus we have to make do with a hand me down courtesy of a kind lady from Yellow Pages....

Fret not, Blackberriers you're in good hands now :) ShowNearby on Blackberry, coming soon to an app store near you!

Welcome onboard Michael!

*Subtle hints:
1. Donation of used (or new) Blackberry phones are welcomed and encouraged...
2. Donation of cash to buy used (or new) Blackberry phones will be graciously accepted.
3. Our Ezy Chair is broken, donations for new furnitures will also be accepted.


Oliver Arce said...

wow, sarap buhay! hahah :D how's SG dude?

Anonymous said...

donate new chair...good idea! let me spread the word!

anyway, the office needs a bean bag! :X

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