Thursday, July 22, 2010
Look who we stumbled upon?

It's Lady Gaga recording her latest music video on one of Singapore's fishing kelongs. Bored of the usual shiny disco balls and posh surroundings, her tireless search for outlandish ideas has brought her to the rustic, wooden fishing houses of yesteryear.

Yeah, who are we kidding, that's not Lady Gaga. That's CJ, one of ShowNearby's lead developers.

The ShowNearby team took a quick getaway last weekend to a nearby kelong for some relaxing fishing. Besides hanging out the rods, playing mahjong and taking in the sea breeze, we were also treated to a wonderful seafood dinner at the end.

Hey fishy fishy fishy...

Small?! At least I caught one!

The squid was using its big brain to mind-control us from eating it...


The weekend was a blast for us. We certainly look forward to our next trip in the near future!

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