Thursday, July 29, 2010
We're equal parts excited and honored that TodayOnline did a writeup for us on our achievements thus far!

First off, let us thank the writer Ephraim Seow Siew Lee for making the trip down to our office to do the interview and for writing such a nice story about our history, our recent investment (Global Yellow Pages Invests $3.5m in ShowNearby) and our future roadmap.

Instead of posting the entire article here (do check out the article Show me the money though), we just wanted to extract the gist of it and put it on our blog.

And here it is...

Mugshot of our CEO and Founder!

Seriously though, with this stamp of approval of our previous successes and achievements, we'll like to take this opportunity to reaffirm to our users that we at ShowNearby are dedicated to continue our mission of providing them with useful and relevant location based products across multiple platforms.

We'll also like to say a special thank you to those who have helped us better define our products through their feedbacks and suggestions! Do keep them coming and we promise to continuously innovate and deliver products that change the way we live, work and play!

Lastly, we'll just like to say that the whole company is neither jealous nor annoyed that our CEO, Douglas was the only one who got his picture taken and featured. We're cool with issues whatsoever :)

After reading the above post, Douglas has kindly "requested" that we add this sentence to the post.

"ShowNearby is only possible because I have a fantastic team, who's relentless pursuit of excellence made it all possible."


Don't worry Doug, all of us at ShowNearby can feel you... (with our hearts of course!)


Alice said...

good job guys!

PK said...

thank you alice (:

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