Wednesday, August 4, 2010
Over the past few weeks, we have received several feedbacks from our users regarding some intermittent problems that they were facing about their phones being unable to find their location. So we felt we should start putting together a list of locations in Singapore known to have location detection or data connectivity problems.

If you guys have any other areas where you have difficulties accessing our application, feel free to comment below or shoot us an email and we'll maintain that list! And maybe we'll go have a 'nice' chat (*cough complain *cough) with the friendly customer service operators at Singtel/Starhub/M1 with that long list...

We do however want to express our heartfelt thanks to one extremely supportive user Gaurav for helping us troubleshoot the issue though. We still owe you dinner no matter what you say, so feel free to claim it from us or we'll just invite you down for our next company outing/dinner!

89 Zion Road: Notice the tall buildings surrounding the area!
Spells trouble for location detection...

If you have tried GPS/WiFi/Cell Triangulation but your phone is still unable to get your location, then we'll tell you 4 important conclusions:

1) Thats a good excuse to get yourself a new phone.
2) Get a Blackberry and loan (give) it to us for testing purposes.
3) Get an iPhone 4 and give it to us.
4) Time to launch ShowFaraway!

About ShowFaraway:
ShowFaraway is a custom top-secret feature developed by us that allows you to search for amenities in locations other than the one you're currently in. It's secret because it goes against our company values of showing what's near....And the developers have kept it secret until now...

In light of spotty 3G, location detection problems, we have no choice but to reveal this little known feature of our application!

All you have to do is to manually set your location by holding down the location bar on the homescreen, then drag the map that appears to your approximate location, press menu and say set location.

Any amenities you search for will now be for that manually set location. Access to ShowFaraway should be limited and used only by users with location detection problems and only under dire circumstances.

Lastly, please try not to spread this message about ShowFaraway or heads will roll....


Douglas Gan said...

*coughs* Singtel *coughs* it is unfortunate that I am living in this area and is facing the same Singtel problem. I am waiting for my contract to expire in September before switching over to Starhub.

I have been spending at least 200-1,000 monthly and all I get is a pathetic $150 voucher.

Starhub, here I come! Better 3G, better discount, better hub!

Douglas Gan said...

Singtel also not working at F1 Circuit Area.

- Tested at 8:40pm.

Neo Kwok Siang. said...

Yup. Thx so much doug. U guys are impressive.
Wonderful article.
Thx lots for the tip!

Anonymous said...

Talk about this, I'm facing a "downtime" for like 6hrs now. I can't surf the net on my iPhone and iPad. Ridiculous plans with ridiculous prices can only bring ridiculous problems. RIDICULOUS!

Enough said, switching over to M1 after contract expires. I've been paying over $150/mth for my SingTel bills and all I get is this "unforeseen" penalty. Kiss my *(*#&*^(*#%^%@^*

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