Wednesday, August 11, 2010
Adding to the ever increasing pool of Android Users in ShowNearby is our lead developer Choy Peng Kong! A new convert, the ex-dumbphone user has finally made the quantum leap to jump onto the smartphone bandwagon! He is now the proud owner of a HTC Desire which we will shamelessly use for our own internal testing purposes...

Notice anything different with PK? Hint: Its metallic and shiny...

Now then, a quick check on ShowNearby's phone OS statistics...

Lee Changjin (Dual-phone Wielding Ability Unlocked)
Daniel Poon
Oliver Junior (We promise we'll get down to doing a family page for you)
Jose Nidhin
Choy Peng Kong

Derek Low
Lee Changjin (Dual-phone Wielding Ability Unlocked)

Other not-worth Mentioning Legacy Stone-Aged Phones
All the other technology laggards in our family page

With this new addition, the Android family within ShowNearby is growing from strength to strength!

Before: Flabby, cute green creature...
After: Power up!

But having said that, we at ShowNearby play real nice. It really doesn't matter if its an Android, iPhone, Blackberry (coming soon!) or otherwise. As long as it runs ShowNearby nicely, its a great phone! All OSes are created equal (some more equal than others though...)

equal :)
We could do with more iPhone wielding colleagues, this is getting way out of hand. Anyone keen in working with ShowNearby do visit our career page. We are always on the lookout for talented individuals with drive and passion for location based services on mobile and web!


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