Monday, August 2, 2010
Introducing location based promotions! ShowNearby recently got it's feet wet with location based promotions. And our very first customer is none other than our friendly neighbours just below our office! What a coincidence that ColorBar (for hair) had a renovation and wanted to do a re-opening special...

Should have just called it "Hair Bar"
Pay attention to the small text in the above picture. It says clearly "For Hair". So just to set the record straight, despite its name, Color Bar is a saloon and does not serve any alcohol (at least not to the best of our knowledge). 

And so we approached them to run a location based promotion on ShowNearby Android which they gladly obliged. Check out how the promotion appears on the Android. Its the obvious blue colored column! This blue column only shows up when a user access our ShowNearby Android app within the vicinity of Color Bar.

Home Screen Showing Promotion!
Promotion Details

Do you know what this means for you iPhoners out there? Yup, it means if you visited Color Bar, you paid full price when you could have paid half! Yup, should have got an Android eh? Well, the battle is still on between download figures for iPhone vs Android and right now, the green guy is still leading and so his followers get exclusive promotions!

Seriously though, we'll roll out similar features for the iPhone very soon. So not to worry too much!

So if there's anyone out there who would like to try if Location Based Promotions will work for your business, do contact us and we'll work something out with you! (Don't worry it won't cause an arm and a leg)

You'll decide the details of your promotions, the locations where it should be shown and a few other factors. We're generally also quite easygoing with the text you choose to display on the home page. But somethings just obviously cross the line...

Not going to happen!


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Jurong Long Hair Boy said...

I like the iPhone 4 pun! haha!

Good job guys! Too bad I live in Jurong. If you have any hair salons here, please tell me, I want to go visit them! My hair is really loooooooooong now!

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