Thursday, August 5, 2010

So by now, most discerning members of the smartphone carrying public are aware of the problems surrounding the iPhone 4. Apart from the huge price tag and low coolness factor because everyone else is getting one, there's also that "minor" but pesky connectivity problem.

But despite that, we know many loyal iPhoners cannot bring themselves to try another phone. So to service those users, we at ShowNearby racked our brains to come up with solutions to help our ShowNearby on iPhone 4 users tackle their iPhone 4 issues!

Problem 1:
Low coolness factor
Download ShowNearby on iPhone 4 (makes your phone unique!)

Problem 2:
Connectivity Problem
Download ShowNearby on iPhone 4

So you might be wondering how on earth does downloading ShowNearby help solve the connectivity problem that even the folks at Apple could not solve and simply danced around the problem. Well, we'll simply introduce a new category:
ShowNearby Payphones!
We even bumped it to the top of
the list!
Not too many payphones left
around Singapore. Nearest payphone
8km away!!!
Phone losing its connectivity? No problem, just use ShowNearby (you might need to use Wifi signal to find your location first though...) to find the nearest payphone! These traditional landlines never fail you! No such thing as holding it the wrong way.

And since its position is fixed, you don't even have to worry about entering a location with weak signal strength! We'll even tell you the rates. It's $0.10 for 3 minutes of talktime! Pretty good value for money we'll say...

We also included details about the payphone POI such as whether its coin operated and which direction its in!

Hope you've got coins!
And lastly, we know that many people (including ourselves) have already forgotten how a payphone looks like and thus might not realise even if it was sitting in front of us. So just for this category, we'll include an image of the payphone as well!

Ahh..The good old days!
With this, you can have your cake and eat it too! You get to play all the cool apps (sadly, Android apps don't even come close) and still get the phone functionalities (albeit indirectly)! All you need to do is download ShowNearby.


P.S: We know we didn't really solve the problem about the high price tag. We're trying to solve that problem ourselves but to no avail either....

P.P.S: The above blog post was done partially in jest. We'll only include categories if our users start requesting for it. So unless it really happens, 'ShowNearby Payphones' probably won't be coming to an iPhone 4 near you!


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I love your style dude! You are funny!

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Super funny...

Singapore Singles Dating said...

Hhahahahaha! That's a good one!

PK said...

LOL @ "No such thing as holding it the wrong way." hahahah!

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nice one dude!

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