Tuesday, August 24, 2010
The long wait is finally over! Our new version of the ShowNearby application for iPhone has finally been approved by Apple! The 1 week approval process felt like a month to us.

To thank CJ for his hard work, we shall give him a huge round of applause! We would also like to humbly request that our readers pause reading this blog post at the end of the sentence and give CJ a clap too!

Of course, this puts a ton of pressure on our Android Master Jose who sulked the entire week away after the submission to the app store. Well, in any case Jose, its time to stop sulking and get back into the battle! Millions (give and take a little) of Android users are looking to you to up the ante! The blog team conducted random spot checks on Jose to see if he's hard at work...

Take a closer look and see if you can spot the difference between picture A and picture B.... (there is a difference!)

Picture B:
24 hours later: Jose still hard at work
Picture A:
8am : Jose hard at work

Give up? The difference is that the coffee cup in picture B is empty! Now that we know Jose is hard at work, lets take a look at some of the new features of ShowNearby on iPhone!

The new version has several cool additions! Check out some of the screenshots below. Our users have grumbled that they wanted to be able to rearrange the categories so they could put their most relevant ones on top instead of having to scroll all the way down and look for it. Well, ask and you shall receive! You can now rearrange your categories from this page!

Users who take public transport frequently can simply drag the 'bus stops' or 'MRT' category to the top of the list for easier access!

Bus Stop Level Upping!

Bus Stop Level Up-ped!
Have a friend who's always "out-of-cash" at the wrong times? (i.e. right before the bill comes) Give him a subtle hint by making him download ShowNearby and put ATM on top of his list! As usual ShowNearby will not be held responsible for any strained relationships. Kindly do not tell your friend/lover/relative that you did it because we suggested this to you (because we'll just remove this section and deny it altogether!)

No Excuses now Cheap Skate!
Huh? Did you say you couldn't find
your Bank's ATMs?
Check your Bookmark page Cheap Skate!
Some other requests include showing nearby movie theatres which is also available!

We also included directions to help our users get to a place! Thanks to the map's auto-rotate function on the iPhone, our walking directions feature can easily navigate a user to his place of interest!

The little blue arrow points you in the direction of your POI. You can rotate your phone and the map automatically rotates to continue pointing you ahead! This feature empowers you to walk looking down!

Oh and if you bump into someone because you were staring at your phone instead of looking at where you're walking, simply apologize and say "I'm sorry but I love this app too much to take my eyes of it!" We'll love you all the more!

Well, that's all we have for our users this time! But do stay tuned. While we're writing this post, our developers are already hard at work coming up with even more features!

Lastly, a quick check back with Jose...

In humans, Rigor Mortis commences and dissipates
approximately after 72 hours.

Yup, hes still there... :)



Anonymous said...

When will this amazing app be on the BlackBerry platform?

PK said...

It's already on BlackBerry :)
Here's the link http://shownear.by/blackberry

Anonymous said...

Just a feedback here.

1) The app can't detect my location even though I was outdoors despite it saying that I am not. Using the Bold 9700 here.

2)BlackBerry App World listed app at v1.1 instead of v1.2 for users to download.

Keep up the good work :)

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