Thursday, September 30, 2010
It may all be a rumor rumor rumor... but is Facebook building a phone? Well, it is very very possible! After all the social networking giant is growing at a massive pace that is driving more traffic to some sites than Google does. By taking that as a premise, we are pretty sure Facebook can do what Google did on Android! Here are some signs:

FB phone in the making!
  • Erick Tseng - the Senior Product Manager for Android and quite rightly responsible for Google's Nexus One - was recently hired by Facebook. While some may think the N1 is a marketing flop, the N1 certainly did what it needed to do. Setting a benchmark for Android phones! Facebook can easily tap onto Erick's experience!
  • Facebook today is already a platform by itself! Contacts, Games, News Feed, Ads, Messages and so on... All it needs is to run it on a hardware with a Facebook OS (FOS aka Full of S*** hahaha) rather than running just on a web browser.
Our boss, Douglas, shared some light on how a FB phone might actually work:

  • Switch on phone and Login to Facebook
  • Contact and Message synced (with FREE "SMS" to FB users think WhatsApp)
  • Bored? Play any games that you like (on Facebook) on your phone through "Web App" or download as "Native Application". Cafe World? Send a hug? Give gifts? Think about the number of facebook apps already there! Facebook App World!
  • Share documents through Open Office for Mobile (fictitious)
  • Facebook places and Facebook can now surf you location based ads (think ShowNearby)
While listening, we have this feeling that Douglas might have the most audacious idea of taking ShowNearby to a whole new level. Yea, indeed... he even admitted it at the end when he said "ShowNearby may enter in this business 5 years time from now, when we have sufficient Web/OS engineers in our team". What a statement, Douglas! Taking on iOS, Android, Blackberry, WM7, Symbian... we certainly have big dreams! 

ShowNearby phone...Any takers? =)
Wednesday, September 29, 2010
The statistics are out. For the period of June to July 2010, ShowNearby experienced a huge surge in user searches from 470k to 4.3m! Just within 2 months, we have achieved 10 times growth in the number of searches and queries made to our servers. It's nothing short of astronomical and we at ShowNearby are pleasantly surprised!

We attribute a lot of that to the launch of ShowNearby on the iPhone. It has indeed helped to drive up our usage and increased our ever-growing user base! Thanks a bunch to the iPhoners out that who have contributed to our growth!

Watchout Google! We're coming for you!

While we may just be a small start-up firm, we are indeed doing some amazing things over here. By consistently improving our search algorithms, giving users answers and relevant information quickly, we aren't taking anything by chance.

If this continues, we could well be the next Google!

A gazillion thanks to our users and hats off to our hardworking and dedicated team! Go Team ShowNearby! :)

Monday, September 27, 2010
If you have not seen our Facebook recently, you probably miss out this big news. That's right. ShowNearby has been awarded the prestigious Asia's Top 10 Apps 2010 Award at SingTel Accelerate 2010!

Seriously, we weren't expecting this (though in our hearts, we were praying to be selected) as we were up against some stiff competiton from the industry ranging from eCommerce, Location Based Services, Social Networking and etc. It's really a giant milestone for ShowNearby to be among the very best in Asia.

Just to be fair to the other 9 we shall list all the other top 10 apps here. However, since our readers might not be familiar with these other apps, we decided we should describe their app here instead of just listing their names! :)

Top 10 Apps in Alphabetical Order
1) ShowNearby (Our Alphabet starts with "S")
2) A "ShowNearby" concept app
2) Some Phototaking App
3) Some Social Networking App
4) Some App for games and chat
5) An app that promotes heritage
6) Online Chat Solution Application for sales or something..
7) We forgot who else was there....
8) As above
9) As above above
10) As above above above

Ok, if you really want to know who else won, you can checkout this link here!

While the award is a testimony of the support we have been receiving from all our users, on the larger scheme of things, it really served to spur the ShowNearby Team to greater heights through constant innovation.

Smile Daniel! You're on stage to receive the award!
ShowNearby's "Unofficial" Photographer

As we celebrate this amazing feat we have created for ourselves and making Singapore proud of our achievement, we would like take this opportunity to once again thank every single ShowNearby user for supporting us throughout this journey. Rest assured, we will continue to improve our application, strive to deliver new and better features to you, and create even bigger waves in the future. Stay tune!

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.
- Steve Jobs
Wednesday, September 22, 2010
Dear Users,

The recent surge of users on ShowNearby has caused some performance issues as reported by our power users. To solve this issue the tech team decided that we needed to upgrade our servers!

The difficult process of obtaining funds for the upgrade then ensued. Tech team spent about 4 hours convincing our finance department to release funds for us to upgrade our servers! After 2 hours of crying, 1 hour of threatening and 1 hour of negotiation, we're glad to say our request has been approved!

Thus, ShowNearby will be undergoing regular scheduled maintenance at 2AM tomorrow (23/09/2010) morning. We do apologize for the impending downtime tomorrow morning. But hey, faster service is coming your way dear users!

Monday, September 20, 2010
You can really see the excitement in everyone over at ShowNearby! I mean, who wouldn't right? Within a short span of just 2 years or so, we have grown from a team of visionaries to establishing our niche in mobile innovation and services. Today, I am really proud to announce that ShowNearby is one of Asia’s Top 50 Apps!

Being in the list, presented by e27, really means a huge lot to ShowNearby! In many ways, this is indeed the equivalent of a Grammy or Oscar in the App World! ShowNearby's mobile applications really epitomizes our achievement in creating an innovative, creative and appealing product for all!

Nonetheless, this wouldn't be possible without the support from all of our wonderful and lovely users, like yourself! Your invaluable feedback and relentless encouragement have certainly pushed us beyond our limits to give you users features that we wouldn't have thought of. Thank you, thank you and thank you.

Oh, before I forget, the judges have also selected 10 application from this prestigious list as Asia's Top 10 Apps! The winners will be presented at Accelerate 2010 on Wednesday, 22th Sept 2010. We are all so looking forward to the results. It will really be a giant milestone for ShowNearby to be among the Asia's Top 10 Apps!

It's here that we ask all our users to pray for us and keep your fingers crossed! We are up against some really fierce competition for the top 10 spots!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

It may not seem like a big deal, but ShowNearby is indeed honored and proud to be featured on The No Profit Times in the USA, recognising our continuous efforts in providing our community with location of AEDs.

Do you know that we actually created an application dedicated to AED? Just do a search on "Shownearby AED" right now on the Android Market. Bamm.... Presenting our very own, ShowNearby AED!

android with a heart <3

In collaboration with First Aid Corps, we have empowered all our android users with the ability to find the nearest AED, but also engages the community to share new AED locations.

It isn't cool or what? Imagine I found a new AED spot at our office. Oh well, you just wonder why is there a need for it?!? Let me give you a little hint, we are "dying" to give you users the best ever experience possible! =) All I need to do is to add a picture, type a description and submit via an email. It is that simple!

Jokes aside, not many of our users actually took notice of the AED Category in ShowNearby's mobile application, not to mention using it to save the life of someone else. Nonetheless, as part of ShowNearby's unwavering commitment towards Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), we sincerely believe that we shouldn’t even wait for a case of emergency before we live in regret to why such informations are not readily available.

Our very powerful yet, at the same time, undervalued gesture of giving back to our community may one day save the lives of your loved ones.

So start spreading this message today J
To all our Muslim friends, Selamat Hari Raya!

Bringing convenience and useful information to all users have always been our priority in ShowNearby mobile applications. We are very excited to announce that from today onwards, our Muslim friends will be able to find the nearest mosque on iPhone, Android and Blackberry phones.

In fact, one of our users was given a preview using ShowNearby on Android to access the Mosque Category we have added. Being new to Android and to ShowNearby, he had trouble finding where all the categories are placed. Oh well, let’s help him shall we!

Couldn’t get much easier, isn’t it? Now he is finally able to have a peace of mind doing house visiting this festive period without worrying where the nearest mosque is because ShowNearby has the answers!!!

We realized we did take some time with this category, but its finally here! Many thanks to they guys over at MUIS for giving us this data!J
Monday, September 13, 2010

Finally the wait is over! It’s official! ShowNearby on BlackBerry is out!

We know the agonizing pain our BB fans have undergone, seeing what those Android and iPhone fan boys can do with ShowNearby on their phone. I am sure Scott Harding can testify to that :p. But HEY!!! We got you one now, and its simply awesome!

Finally... Arrived on BlackBerry!

And guess what, all the features that are available in Android and iPhone are also brought over to the ShowNearby on BlackBerry. You are able to view a whole list of categories ranging from ATM to Bus Stop and many more. I really love the Bus Stop category and I just can’t live without it! Not only does it tell me the bus stops around me (using my location), it also tells me the next expected arrival time of the bus!

This means instead of sweating because I have to wait at the bus stop under the hot and humid weather, I now sweat because I stayed home and made a last minute mad rush for the bus just 2 minutes before the expected arrival time! One gigantic step forward!

Scott, we really hope you like this! In fact, we are currently working real hard to bring more features to BB and other platforms as well. We just love giving our users what you want. As always, “Ask and you shall receive”. Get your friends to join the bandwagon by downloading ShowNearby on BlackBerry.

We really like to hear your feedbacks and suggestions on how we can improve our products by simply joining us on Facebook, Twitter and Blog or Email to keep in touch with us! Cheers =)
Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Yes yes, all your requests, all your love for ShowNearby… WE HEAR YOU!!! With our exploding user base, it’s only a matter of time that one of our lucky users will be part of the ShowNearby team. Introducing our Community Manager (drum roll please) – Jerrold!

Nothing beats having one of the most critical, craziest and whackiest users around to help push our mobile application to its limits, giving users (ya you!) WHAT YOU WANT! Back in July, Jerrold requested for ERP rates through an email to us, after getting into so much trouble with fines due to insufficient value in his cashcard. Without saying, ShowNearby gave him what he wanted! Since then, he has been actively injecting new ideas and improvements from the users’ perspective and it was only a matter of time before he came onboard!

As a student, he has so much love for many simple things from ice-cream, bubble tea, music… and the list just goes on and on. I am quite sure he is gonna push these things out in the mobile space real soon. Stay tuned!

Oh btw, he is an Android Fan Boy! Is that BAD NEWS to the iPhone and BB users? See what he has to say:

“Fret not, you won’t be left out. I promise, really!”

Welcome Jerrold!