Wednesday, September 29, 2010
The statistics are out. For the period of June to July 2010, ShowNearby experienced a huge surge in user searches from 470k to 4.3m! Just within 2 months, we have achieved 10 times growth in the number of searches and queries made to our servers. It's nothing short of astronomical and we at ShowNearby are pleasantly surprised!

We attribute a lot of that to the launch of ShowNearby on the iPhone. It has indeed helped to drive up our usage and increased our ever-growing user base! Thanks a bunch to the iPhoners out that who have contributed to our growth!

Watchout Google! We're coming for you!

While we may just be a small start-up firm, we are indeed doing some amazing things over here. By consistently improving our search algorithms, giving users answers and relevant information quickly, we aren't taking anything by chance.

If this continues, we could well be the next Google!

A gazillion thanks to our users and hats off to our hardworking and dedicated team! Go Team ShowNearby! :)


Wendy Teoh said...

Everytime I logon to shownearby's blog, I always see good news! (except for the server downtime which affected me!!! :()

Anyway, that's a significant leap! When are we expecting ads?

p.s. please keep the ads tiny.

p.s.p.s. I do not mind paying for a premium version that has no ads!

Mr Kaypoh said...

Would have been nicer if you can show us your growth chart instead, :p

Daniel said...

@Wendy: Don't worry, its not going to be ads that irritate you..None of that "Date hot singles now!" or "Download ringtones for your HP!" crap that you get on other apps!

P.s. Sorry about the downtime :(

P.p.s: Really sorry about the downtime :(

P.p.p.s: Really Really Sorry about the downtime :~(

Daniel said...

@Mr Kaypoh: Hmm...thats a good thought, we'll see what we can do about that!

PK said...

@Wendy we're users of our own app too, and we hate ads that get in the way of user experience as much as you do. We trying to do "ads" in a way that is useful rather then a nuisance, trust us on that :)

@Mr Kaypoh cannot! that's classified information ;)

@Daniel Server downtime is a good thing lah! Means there's someone who is actually using our service and we need a bigger machine to serve them better! ;)

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