Thursday, September 30, 2010
It may all be a rumor rumor rumor... but is Facebook building a phone? Well, it is very very possible! After all the social networking giant is growing at a massive pace that is driving more traffic to some sites than Google does. By taking that as a premise, we are pretty sure Facebook can do what Google did on Android! Here are some signs:

FB phone in the making!
  • Erick Tseng - the Senior Product Manager for Android and quite rightly responsible for Google's Nexus One - was recently hired by Facebook. While some may think the N1 is a marketing flop, the N1 certainly did what it needed to do. Setting a benchmark for Android phones! Facebook can easily tap onto Erick's experience!
  • Facebook today is already a platform by itself! Contacts, Games, News Feed, Ads, Messages and so on... All it needs is to run it on a hardware with a Facebook OS (FOS aka Full of S*** hahaha) rather than running just on a web browser.
Our boss, Douglas, shared some light on how a FB phone might actually work:

  • Switch on phone and Login to Facebook
  • Contact and Message synced (with FREE "SMS" to FB users think WhatsApp)
  • Bored? Play any games that you like (on Facebook) on your phone through "Web App" or download as "Native Application". Cafe World? Send a hug? Give gifts? Think about the number of facebook apps already there! Facebook App World!
  • Share documents through Open Office for Mobile (fictitious)
  • Facebook places and Facebook can now surf you location based ads (think ShowNearby)
While listening, we have this feeling that Douglas might have the most audacious idea of taking ShowNearby to a whole new level. Yea, indeed... he even admitted it at the end when he said "ShowNearby may enter in this business 5 years time from now, when we have sufficient Web/OS engineers in our team". What a statement, Douglas! Taking on iOS, Android, Blackberry, WM7, Symbian... we certainly have big dreams! 

ShowNearby phone...Any takers? =)

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