Thursday, September 16, 2010

It may not seem like a big deal, but ShowNearby is indeed honored and proud to be featured on The No Profit Times in the USA, recognising our continuous efforts in providing our community with location of AEDs.

Do you know that we actually created an application dedicated to AED? Just do a search on "Shownearby AED" right now on the Android Market. Bamm.... Presenting our very own, ShowNearby AED!

android with a heart <3

In collaboration with First Aid Corps, we have empowered all our android users with the ability to find the nearest AED, but also engages the community to share new AED locations.

It isn't cool or what? Imagine I found a new AED spot at our office. Oh well, you just wonder why is there a need for it?!? Let me give you a little hint, we are "dying" to give you users the best ever experience possible! =) All I need to do is to add a picture, type a description and submit via an email. It is that simple!

Jokes aside, not many of our users actually took notice of the AED Category in ShowNearby's mobile application, not to mention using it to save the life of someone else. Nonetheless, as part of ShowNearby's unwavering commitment towards Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), we sincerely believe that we shouldn’t even wait for a case of emergency before we live in regret to why such informations are not readily available.

Our very powerful yet, at the same time, undervalued gesture of giving back to our community may one day save the lives of your loved ones.

So start spreading this message today J


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Thanks! Rest assured we'll keep doing what we do best, serving our users!

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