Monday, September 27, 2010
If you have not seen our Facebook recently, you probably miss out this big news. That's right. ShowNearby has been awarded the prestigious Asia's Top 10 Apps 2010 Award at SingTel Accelerate 2010!

Seriously, we weren't expecting this (though in our hearts, we were praying to be selected) as we were up against some stiff competiton from the industry ranging from eCommerce, Location Based Services, Social Networking and etc. It's really a giant milestone for ShowNearby to be among the very best in Asia.

Just to be fair to the other 9 we shall list all the other top 10 apps here. However, since our readers might not be familiar with these other apps, we decided we should describe their app here instead of just listing their names! :)

Top 10 Apps in Alphabetical Order
1) ShowNearby (Our Alphabet starts with "S")
2) A "ShowNearby" concept app
2) Some Phototaking App
3) Some Social Networking App
4) Some App for games and chat
5) An app that promotes heritage
6) Online Chat Solution Application for sales or something..
7) We forgot who else was there....
8) As above
9) As above above
10) As above above above

Ok, if you really want to know who else won, you can checkout this link here!

While the award is a testimony of the support we have been receiving from all our users, on the larger scheme of things, it really served to spur the ShowNearby Team to greater heights through constant innovation.

Smile Daniel! You're on stage to receive the award!
ShowNearby's "Unofficial" Photographer

As we celebrate this amazing feat we have created for ourselves and making Singapore proud of our achievement, we would like take this opportunity to once again thank every single ShowNearby user for supporting us throughout this journey. Rest assured, we will continue to improve our application, strive to deliver new and better features to you, and create even bigger waves in the future. Stay tune!

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.
- Steve Jobs


Jones Smith said...

ShowNearby is the reason why I bought my Motorola Milestone.

My friends who have HTC Desire and Sony Ericsson X10 have overshadowed my useless HTC Touch so much that I decided to go for an Android phone.

When I got it, it was pre-loaded with ShowNearby. And I must say, IT WAS AWESOME!!!

You deserve it guys!

- Smith

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