Monday, September 13, 2010

Finally the wait is over! It’s official! ShowNearby on BlackBerry is out!

We know the agonizing pain our BB fans have undergone, seeing what those Android and iPhone fan boys can do with ShowNearby on their phone. I am sure Scott Harding can testify to that :p. But HEY!!! We got you one now, and its simply awesome!

Finally... Arrived on BlackBerry!

And guess what, all the features that are available in Android and iPhone are also brought over to the ShowNearby on BlackBerry. You are able to view a whole list of categories ranging from ATM to Bus Stop and many more. I really love the Bus Stop category and I just can’t live without it! Not only does it tell me the bus stops around me (using my location), it also tells me the next expected arrival time of the bus!

This means instead of sweating because I have to wait at the bus stop under the hot and humid weather, I now sweat because I stayed home and made a last minute mad rush for the bus just 2 minutes before the expected arrival time! One gigantic step forward!

Scott, we really hope you like this! In fact, we are currently working real hard to bring more features to BB and other platforms as well. We just love giving our users what you want. As always, “Ask and you shall receive”. Get your friends to join the bandwagon by downloading ShowNearby on BlackBerry.

We really like to hear your feedbacks and suggestions on how we can improve our products by simply joining us on Facebook, Twitter and Blog or Email to keep in touch with us! Cheers =)


Anonymous said...

finally out on blackberry...! now my wife can load this up!

- Matthew

Jerrold said...

Awesome Matthew... Do spread the goodness to all the BB users out there! Cheers =)

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