Thursday, October 28, 2010
Remember in July, I was unlucky when I went through an ERP gantry with insufficient value in my cashcard. Well, feeling disappointed that the ShowNearby application gave me an outdated rate, I decided to send them an email telling them about my disappointment. Who would know that barely a few months later, I am now part of the ShowNearby team.  Oh well how time flies... and now, the school holidays are about to begin, which I believe might have lead to ERP rates increasing as usual during this merry making period.

With this rate increase, I sincerely believe that there will be increased usage of our app for bus timings and a drop for the carparks and ERP categories! At least that will be aligned with the authorities' measures!

An ERP gantry (file pic)
*Beep and there goes your lunch money!

We at ShowNearby do understand the pain in having to fork out more money just to drive that expensive piece of metal around. But seeing as how nobody here actually has any control over this decision (short of calling and begging the folks at LTA not to revise the rates which surprisingly has a low success rate), we did the next best thing!

To prevent a repeat of such a mishap to our other ShowNearby users, I have specially... yes, specially ensured that the ERP rates in the ShowNearby mobile application are accurate as of 1 November 2010. So you can rest assured that the price increase has already been included in the new ERP rates for the month of November. Of course, we do expect to see changes for the month of December since the ERP review will only happen the month before. We will continue to monitor the situation and provide our users with the latest information as soon as possible.

Jerrold aka the beloved community manager


Clement Bridge said...

How to join shownearby team?

Douglas Gan said...

Hi Clement,

If you would like to join us in evangelizing ShowNearby, you may email us "ask .at. shownearby .dot. com".

However, if you are looking to join our family to work on this wonderful product, you may email your resume to the same email above!


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