Monday, October 11, 2010
If you were wondering why Google had a birthday cake on their search page late last month, that is because Google just turned 12th. It is indeed amazing how Google established themselves as the best in search, competing with the likes of Yahoo and Microsoft. And now they are challenging Apple for mobile supremacy and against Facebook with the rumored Google Me. Google is seriously taking the fight to these big players...

But honestly, the one that Google is most worried of is, Bing, the search engine by Microsoft. After all, Google is a company that is driven by searches and ads, and with Bing overtaking Yahoo as the 2nd most popular search engine this quarter in the US, it is indeed possible for Bing to catch up and Google to slip up.

Make no mistake, we love Google. Google has become part of our lives - Gmail, Maps, Youtube, Picasa, Android and many more – We use all of these products religiously. However with Google competing on so many fronts, no doubt that slight skepticism exists as to whether they will be able to achieve equivalent success in all these areas.

However, what we do know is what makes Google special. They are never shy to try new ideas and they are never shy to admit failure. It is precisely because of this, that they dare to do things differently and are willing to explore innovative concepts which brought them to their current level of success!

Happy Birthday Google!

With that, ShowNearby shall follow in Google's footsteps in the way we work as a company, taking risks, encouraging innovation and creativity. And we hope that one day, we too will also be able to display a cake with 12 candles on our home page! ;)

Part of the ShowNearby Family!
Naturally, we'll need the support of our users and our partners for that day to come! So let us just say a big thank you to everyone for accompanying us on this journey thus far!


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