Monday, October 25, 2010
If you are experiencing such problems, you are not alone. In fact, there is nothing wrong with your phone, your mobile carrier or with the ShowNearby application on Android. Many of our Android users in Singapore did not realise that the Android Market was silently updated over the last few weeks to enable users to access the full spectrum of Paid Apps in the Android Market. However, this update has caused quite a bit of frustration as some users have reported that it takes an eternity for any application to be successfully installed or updated (not just ShowNearby) on their phone.

Looking through all our users feedback, we believe that this bug in Android Market is not device-specific, neither is it a problem with our mobile application. The servers serving the Android Market are acting strangely lately. Oh well, maybe Google is preparing a sweet surprise for us in the Android Market as we await Gingerbread to be unveiled very very soon

You can check out the following links:

For now, before we wait for Google to do the fix, we do have a work around to solve the ever-installing problem on your phone.

- Restart your wonderful Android Phone

- Navigate to Settings >> Applications >> Manage Applications
           a) If you are on 2.1 and below, press Options Button >> Filter >> Select All >> Find "Market"
           b) If you are on 2.2, click on All Tab >> Find "Market"

- Clear cache & Uninstall updates

- Go back to Android Market to verify if the problem persists.

The above steps should resolve the issue. Not to worry, the applications and the Android Market will be successfully installed and updated respectively to the latest versions. Do let us know if this works for your phone. For further clarification and assistance, feel free to drop us an email. Thank you =)

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