Monday, October 4, 2010
For many weeks now, we have been receiving feedback regarding multiple issues that our dear users encountered when using ShowNearby on the Samsung Galaxy S. Most of these issues arise from the inability to detect location.

Since the logic flow involves our app first detecting your location, and then downloading nearby places information to your phone, should location detection fail, showing nearby will fail as well...

However, it has been reported here that this problem is due to the inherent location detection problem that Samsung Galaxy S users would have no doubt encountered by now (including this writer) >:(

Waiting for Samsung to release an update that solves the problem might take too long (It was supposed to be in September according to Samsung UK's twitter. Also, it seems we at Singapore have to wait patiently as our counterparts in North America get their fix).

So instead of waiting, we flashed the Android signal in the night sky! And Android Master Jose is here to save the day!

SuperHero Needed!
Now all you have to do is to click on menu, go to settings and set the location refresh frequency to "Fast".

This simple option that you can set and solve the problem in 10 seconds was actually the result of nights of hardwork, pain, sweat, blood and tears! (Together with cans of redbull, coffee, Beer, Iced-Milo and Roti Pratas claimed on the corporate account!)

So let's all say a big "Thank You" to Jose for this interim measure until Samsung decides to release a pill officially to cure all our ails!


P.s: Seriously Jose, kindly payback for the Roti-Pratas, food is not covered under the Overtime agreement. Two Egg and one Kosong == S$3.60. Yes, we counted!


Khoo Liwen said...

hi there, can it be fast by default for samsung galaxy s users?

its been painful for me, :(

Daniel said...

Hi Liwen,

Unfortunately, we are unable to change it particularly for Samsung Galaxy S users only. However, you only have to set it once and everytime you launch the ShowNearby app in future it will be set to "fast" by default!

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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