Friday, October 1, 2010
We have certainly made our presence felt on the iPhone community in Singapore, by scoring 1 in every 10 iPhones. Despite coming in late on the iPhone bandwagon and releasing our very own application only in June, this result is indeed no mean feat given the level of competition and compelling features in iOS App World. I am really sure our Chef de Mission for iOS, CJ, will have plenty of tricks up his sleeve. Stay tuned to find out the coolest things iOS has to offer on ShowNearby.

Sadly, both of them still don't get it!
Of course, not wanting to lose out is our Android Master, Jose. In fact, I am quite sure he is gonna taunt Changjin when he sees this, as ShowNearby is on 5 in every 10 Android phones in Singapore. That's alot in terms of market penetration. With more and more new Android phones being produced by the different OEMs, adding to the upcoming releases of Android tablets and Gingerbread, we are only going to see these numbers growing. 

While there is so much talk on which is better, I think it's is only fair to say that both operating systems have their strengths and weaknesses. And, it really depends which phone suits you. At ShowNearby, we believe in inclusiveness. Whether you are an Android, iPhone or BlackBerry user, we have our application catered for you. Indeed, we love all our Smartphone users! Cheers!


Anonymous said...

When will this fantastic app come to my damn nokia phone?

Daniel said...

We'll see what we can do ;) In the meantime, do consider getting an Android phone :D

pk said...

*you did not hear this from me*

We're looking into the nokia platform :)

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