Tuesday, October 19, 2010
Yes dear users, you heard it right! ShowNearby is now in a relationship with Sony Ericsson! Our story with Sony Ericsson started just like any other love story...we met, talked, developed things for each other and finally professed our love!

The fruit of this relationship is that anytime you purchase any of Sony Ericsson's Xperia series (X8, X10, X(Insert number here)) your phone will come pre-loaded with ShowNearby! However, there's more than meets the eye! If you pay close attention, its not just the regular ShowNearby! It includes some exclusive features such as Taxi Bookings, Movie Showtimes and Bookings and some other cool stuff! (We'll leave you to buy one and try it for yourself =P)

Of course, we also got some "gifts" in exchange! Check out the brand new handsets for us to play (ahem...test) with...

From Left to Right: X10, Satio, X8 and X8 Mini-Pro
Our attempt to form a heart shape with the phones to show our affection for Sony Ericsson failed. We just need a few more phones to form that lovely heart....(preferably 4 X10s)


Apart from that, we have been featured at many of Sony Ericsson's roadshows and events for the past couple of months including one at Bugis...

Stop Blocking our LOGO!

Can you spot the ShowNearby UFO?

And this nice huge truck driving around town which if you look closely enough, you can see our little UFO icon on the truck!

We hope this is a start of a fruitful and mutually beneficial relationship! We look forward to working closely with the cool people at Sony Ericsson in the near future! With this partnership, we are effectively combining our user base together!

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