Tuesday, October 5, 2010
All along there's an ongoing fight between iOS and Android. It has gotten really bad recently! Jose got his ass kicked, but in a strange turn of events, it was CJ that KO-ed eventually as the Android master delivered a surprise counterattack! (We'll let you all in on the details soon enough ;))

In fact, they even fought about which platform contributed more when ShowNearby won the top 10 apps in Asia by Singtel!!

However, it's a classic case of a come from behind win! While the 2 iPhone/Android warriors are roughing it out, slogging and battling within themselves for downloads/ratings superiority, Michael, our BlackBerry Guru has managed to stay under their radar all these time up until now!

ShowNearby for BlackBerry has been named Regional Selections Winners for 2010 BlackBerry Super Apps Challenge.

ShowNearby is really honored to be one of the few Regional Selection Winners. It is really heartening to see how our mobile platform has developed across the different operating systems, and winning accolades which we would never dream of. Apart from a recognition of our efforts, there is one other good thing that comes out of this...We won a BlackBerry Torch 9800!!!

COOL!!!! New phones to play with!

This means we can finally have a cool BlackBerry phone to develop, test and play with! If you guys remember this old blog post, we only had a simple outdated BlackBerry handphone donated to us to do all our developmental work on :( But with this prize, we can safely ditch/retire the old model!

A lineup of the cool phones we get to play with!:) Wait...what's that in the corner?

Oh, its just our old BlackBerry Phone :|

To be honest, ShowNearby is still pretty new to BlackBerry. Nevertheless, we are dedicating a lot of time and effort to make this application rock. Released in September, we have been quick to iterate and improve the usability of ShowNearby on BlackBerry.

Some of our users experienced a delay in location discovery and we quickly made some adjustments to improve the location discovery speed and provide alternatives such as setting your own location. To you guys, thank you for the feedback!

Taking this opportunity, ShowNearby would like to thank all our BlackBerry users for the support and feedback you have given us. As the iPhone vs Android battle continues, you can rest assured that we BlackBerriers are slowly but surely catching up with these immature fellas. :)


Anonymous said...

can i donate my samsung windows mobile phone when shownearby wants to develop on it? i think its on version 6.1 or something like that.

crap phone.

Daniel said...

Hello! Yes, please donate your Windows phone to us! Hahaha...we are looking at Windows mobile to see how we might be able to develop on it too! We promise we won't ditch it :)

pk said...

Daniel, let's start a page where we list out the phones we have and can test on? And names of people who donated us devices for testing or willing to help with testing.

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