Thursday, October 7, 2010
For the first time in ShowNearby's 2+ years of history, we have invested money into physical advertising!! But before we show you what the advertisement looks like, we shall keep you in further suspense by forcing you to read through a brief history of how the design came about! (Ok, we realise you can actually scroll down and jump straight to the final pics, but just humor us a little won't ya?)

While the final banner is simple enough, it actually took us almost an entire month of debating, quarreling, arguing and fighting amongst ourselves to select a design that would best fit our purposes!

In fact, even up till today, there are still pockets of "I still think that design would have been better" going around the office. So, in a bid to quieten those voices, we decided to put it up here as well for users to comment and see! Check out the rejected designs and how it evolved to our final product!

The only difference between the 2 is the simple one-liner text at the bottom. However, our designer Derek came under siege by the ShowNearby team for this design. Much of the ammunition for the siege arose from readability issues and the accompanying risk of potential lawsuits involving neck dislocations and accidental bumping into strangers while reading sideways!

In his defence, Derek ran all over Singapore that same day to take snapshots of banners around town showing similar displays!

Yet, the ShowNearby team was relentless and brutal in their assault on Derek and refused to budge. We told him that we'll give in if he showed us at least 599 similar designs. Derek then decided that it would be faster to come up with something else than to run around town happy-triggering away with his phone camera because of his crappy iPhone! (should have gotten an Android phone!)

He then came up with a design that encompasses the latest in Augmented Reality, the epitome of design flair, and a pure stroke of imagination and brilliance to bring to you the following 3 dimensional visual treat...

This is pretty close to what we actually used with the exception of the rectangular block jutting out! After checking that this was positively illegal, we decided to do away with the block and simply put our iconic Spaceship in place to bring to you our final design!

Finally it's up!

Happy 3 friends!
However, this just leaves that additional rectangular block that we have no idea what to do with. It was too big for a paperweight and simply to small for a makeshift table! Thus we came up with the following idea to make full use of it!

We again checked with the Town Council and verified that this too was illegal. So that leaves us with no choice. We'll simply plant this structure every night at 1am when no one is looking and remove it before 6am in the morning!

Of course, the burning question would then be "Who's going to look at it between 1am and 6am?!" To which, our answer would be "Do you have a better idea what we should do with that Acrylic Block sitting around our office?" :D



Anonymous said...

i saw that today! *claps*

it was done fantastically well!

Your Angel Star said...

I was wondering what was that until my friend told me that's shownearby! hahx!

btw, will you be creating soft toys for your space ships? I saw 'em here:

When you do, please contact me! I wuld love to have one of each!!!!!!

Ms Angelique

Daniel said...

If you can tell us the name of the two spaceship mascots, we'll give you one of each when we do get the soft toys!

Your Angel Star said...

any clue?

Ms Angelique

Daniel said...

Stay tuned to our blog...we sometimes write their names out by a slip of the tongue/pen! =P

pk said...

@angelique/daniel speaking of which... they do look like they would make quite good pillows :P haha

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