Wednesday, October 20, 2010
Yes, the haze has dawned upon our little sunny island of Singapore without much warning. On Tuesday, the 3 hour PSI reading from NEA went up from 78 at 6pm to 84 at 8pm which is just 16 shy of getting into the unhealthy range. In fact some of our colleagues in the office with Asthma and allergies have been feeling the effects of the haze including runny noses, red and sore eyes and also some breathing difficulties!

To this end, the ShowNearby team came together to brainstorm for a possible solution to this problem since we always believed in helping our users (and of course our own family members!)

A few ideas that came to mind...

1) ShowNearby Hazmat suits
2) ShowNearby places to buy face masks
3) ShowNearby Shopping Centres!

Of course, the first 2 might actually help you overcome the problems with the haze. However, they might take way too long to implement and by then the haze might have been gone! Additionally, we did a quick satisfaction survey on the above 3 to find out which ones our users will prefer. See below for a visual representation..

Hazmat Suits

And of course there is option 3...

Option 3
So would you rather walk around sunny, hot and humid Singapore in a silly hazmat suit or enjoy a cuppa at an air-conditioned shopping centre? No contest eh? Hence, we came to the conclusion to go with option 3! So watch out for changes to your ShowNearby application. ShowNearby shopping malls coming to your phone real soon, and its going to do more than simply showing you nearby shopping malls :)

So do stay tuned and in the meantime, remember to drink lots of water, wear a face mask if absolutely necessary and download ShowNearby if you haven't already done so!



PK said...

can i wear the hazmat suit and go shopping ;)

Daniel said...

Sure, just remember to print the ShowNearby logo on the hazmat suit! Oh, plus your full name and NRIC no. It aids police investigations... =X

Douglas Gan said...

i knew pk love being an astronaut!

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