Saturday, October 9, 2010
Back in February, ShowNearby launched the ShowNearby Analytics web application targetted at home buyers and business owners looking for new locations to setup shop in. ShowNearby Analytics, a location analysis and intelligence tool is actually a project launched in conjunction with iDA under the iSingapore project and today, we are proud to say that the pilot phase has been an astounding success!!!

ShowNearby would like to extend our greatest appreciation to all our users and partners who have journeyed with us in the ShowNearby Analytics Pilot Project. For over 6 months, you have assisted us in countless number of ways, giving us valuable feedbacks and making the project a SUCCESS. We seriously can’t thank you more for that.

Last but not least, this pilot project would not have been possible without the support and assistance from IDA Singapore. You guys have been vital to the achievements of ShowNearby and we can't thank you enough for the opportunity! From the OneMap launch on 31st March to the IMBX event in Mid-June, you guys have given us much exposure and allowed us to build our customer base!

We are all very excited to continue working with IDA Singapore in the coming months to develop something Bigger and Better. Stay tuned.

Thank you all once again!!!



Azlina said...

its always good news! try posting some bad news...=.="

pk said...

haha ok azlina i'll let daniel know and get him to post some bad news :P

"ShowNearby has yet to hit 10 million iPhone users :(" or something ;)

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