Friday, October 1, 2010
Uncle Sam has finally returned to ShowNearby. And I am taking over this entry (time to write in the first person).

For those who are interested, Uncle Sam has had a long history with ShowNearby. To find out more about it, do drop me an email and I'll gladly share with you over coffee (you're paying of course!).

Uncle Sam
I came to ShowNearby to enjoy the 22 degrees Celcius air-conditioned environment while doing my job as a product manager and a communications manager.
That's right, wearing multiple hats is part of the get-up. I plan and execute communication goals. I also help conceptualise and strategise the optimisation of data collection, collation, organisation and presentation.

In plain english, the quality of data on the ShowNearby app will depend on how hard I work (no worries though, user ratings and downloads are my driving force and push factor!) The following chain reaction better describes my role

Ratings/Downloads UP -> Uncle Sam Happy -> Data levelup -> Better App -> Ratings/Downloads UP...

As you can see, this is a vicious never ending cycle which means I will never get to stop working :(

ShowNearby is already a vibrant ecosystem of species - the business types, sales types, engineer types, the creative types and the communication types. Some species oscillate between the various types, adapting to survive. Other species are highly evolved and develop proficiencies that become their genetic hallmark.

So, Uncle Sam, of the Uncle species, is entered into this biodiversity. I make sure one species doesn't eat the other. I'll immerse myself into the ongoing plans to maintain the status quo, preventing it from degrading into a hierarchical food chain.

I also look forward to playing with all the smart phones, which are totally alien to me, being a Nokia not-so-smart-phone user all my life. Maybe one day I will start taking sides in the ongoing Android vs iPhone battle here in the office!

Uncle Sam

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