Thursday, October 14, 2010
Over the past weekend, Android users have sure encountered a delightful surprise. Introducing..... Paid Applications! 

It is finally available in Singapore! Seriously, can you believe how long we have waited for this to happen? After all we were one of the first in Asia to receive the Android treatment via the HTC G1 (aka HTC Dream).

Whatever the reasons, let's just thank the Big G for making paid apps available and maybe... just maybe Google Maps Navigation will soon follow as well. Of course, with paid applications coming into the market, competition has surely intensified. Before that, a search on "Singapore" in the Android Market, gives you a list of 40+ apps. Today, that list has expanded twice to 89 apps all thanks to paid apps.

Fortunately, ShowNearby remains top among the rest of the application and we really like to thank all our users for the support, and making this application that is created For the Community, By the Community. Do us a favor by giving us some good reviews on the Android Market OK? We just love them =)

And in case you're wondering, the answer is "No" ShowNearby will not be turning into a paid application anytime soon. We believe in the power of free and we'll continue believing! Of course, donations in the form of smartphone handsets(*cough iPad *cough), pure cash, gaming consoles (for purposes) will always be welcomed!

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