Friday, November 12, 2010
Introducing another fresh blood joining the ShowNearby family! Our very own first female Product Executive, Patricia also nicknamed Pat!

What do you wanna see in your product dear users?
To combat the ever increasing testosterone levels here in the ShowNearby office, we have employed a female to join the Product team! Pat will be assisting in product and project management as well as social media. In other words, she will be the online face of ShowNearby!

Some of you users might have already came in contact with her while sending your feedbacks through our mobile applications. Isn't she sweet? =) (y'all have to say yes or there will be dire consequences...)

Here's one important detail though, Pat got off on the wrong start on her first day in office because she ran up to Android Master Jose and happily proclaimed "Wow! I love how ShowNearby looks on my iPhone!". Needless to say, over the next few days, Jose has been giving her the cold shoulder. Oh well, I guess she has chosen her allegiance...

Pat also dreams of pursuing an MBA in the future and to travel around the world. However, her current motivation is to contribute her 101% towards ShowNearby!

Welcome onboard Pat!



Pat said...

Thank you ShowNearby!!! =)

I would like to sincerely apologize to Jose, now that I realised how cool Android is with both apps and widgets!! =D

Tekong Boy said...

Congrats Pat! I love your feedback, *loyal feedback-er!*

Graphic Masters said...

Waiting for Palm Pre 2 to hit our shores!

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