Tuesday, November 9, 2010
When was the last time you ever played Monopoly with your family and friends? Well, it's been ages for us especially in this day and age where computer games are overtaking our social lives from FarmVille & Angry Bird to multi-player online games like WOW and Starcraft 2. Have we lost our patience to sit down for a board game? What do you think?

Fortunately, in Singapore, we are sure many of our users have gone crazy with the McDonald's Monopoly game by munching your breakfast, lunch, dinner and even supper at the fastfood outlets. The elusive "80,000 cash prize" is indeed so tempting. All you need is the rare Marina Bay tag and the even rarer Sentosa Cove tag. Our whole office has gone mad with this Monopoly collection and the average weight gain since October is about 2kg/person....

Fastfood laggards Douglas and PK started out claiming that its all marketing hype and refused to participate in it. However, 37 extra value meals later and a little bit of encouragement from the rich old man in the picture who was once a jailbird but has somehow managed to get out of jail with a simple yellow card (We're sure its possible in real life...just not sure how), Douglas and PK have succumbed to the temptation!

Guess where was this taken?
Many of you may think that the mascot is called Mr. Monopoly. But do you know his actual name? Here's a hint... He is rich, he looks like an old uncle and he has tons of bags of pennies (yup, we triple checked the spelling of this word ;)). If you know the answers, feel free to head down to our office at Siglap and we will buy you a cup of McCafe coffee =) So far we have given out about 19 coffees to users who have participated in some of our ad-hoc invitations!

Till then please do eat at McDonald's to your heart's content and we wish all of you best of luck in winning those prizes. We have Marina Bay tag with us =D, anyone wants to co-share?

We also have about 27 small fries, and 12 green tea winning tags...we figured the 12 green teas tags might be worth a Sentosa Cove, but that's just our thoughts. Wanna trade? =P

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Anonymous said...

Lol.. I know his name! Gosh the last time I played monopoly solo was on slot machine... =D

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