Thursday, November 4, 2010
Short Answer:
No we don't :)

Long Answer:
Every since ShowNearby was founded, users have always been our focus in everything we do. From the development of our mobile application, to the way we manage feedbacks from the community, it is in our DNA to give users the best possible experience.

Recently, one of our users was pleasantly surprised that our replies to his feedback was actually done by a REAL HUMAN. The user reported the removal of a burger king location and Uncle Sam replied to the user that he likes Burger King too and is indeed equally sad and in mourning for the loss of a mushroom swiss distribution outlet.

Indeed, reading and replying to all the feedbacks from all our users is an extremely time-consuming tasks. So much so that almost everyone in the company has to contribute to the replies. So why do we continue to do it?

Poor Shoby...
Our CEO, Douglas, sincerely believes that we should take each and every feedback to a personal level, a level which our users feel that ShowNearby really values their feedback and thus giving users a sense of ownership. That belief has spread throughout the organization and is key to the way we build our products.

"If our users are willing to take time off to give us suggestions or report that the information of the place is inaccurate, we should also put in the same amount of effort or even more in our reply to express our appreciation to their contributions" - Douglas

As ShowNearby is gaining huge popularity is the mobile space, the number of feedbacks have also increased feverishly. By maintaining the stance of replying to all our users on a personal basis, it is indeed demanding but at the same time rewarding as we establish a fruitful customer relationship with our users. As we continue to grow as a company, it is very important that we do not lose sight of this vision which ShowNearby was founded upon.

For now, we would like to thank all our users who have contributed one way or another to ShowNearby, and do pardon us if we take a while to reply your feedback. We seek your understanding and patience =)

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