Tuesday, November 23, 2010
Jeric, our resident singer songwriter based in Taiwan has released another MTV! We liked this one every bit as much as the first ShowNearby MTV. This time its a cover of a popular song known as 威尼斯的淚 (directly translated to "Tears of Venice"). Check out the video below!

We are really happy that Jeric is making waves in Taiwan and achieving much success in his musical career. To show his support, PK bought Jeric's album and has been playing it in office every day for the whole month of November. He is now renting it out at $2 per hour for anyone interested :( Luckily, we stole it while he wasn't watching :)

It's ours now!


PK said...

bugger! no wonder i couldn't find my CD.

Douglas Gan said...

i think i saw daniel brought it to the toilet...

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