Tuesday, November 2, 2010
It was iPad, followed by the Tab and now it’s Playbook… Are we going back to the days where big devices are much more appealing? (Remembering the days of the old “brick” handphones”, how troublesome was it to bring around). Indeed, the lines between a laptop and a mobile device have been blurred ever since the introduction of tablets! But is tablet the way to go? I truly believe so.

With the processing power on smaller devices doubles every 6 months (based on Moore’s Law) and the upcoming push for cloud computing, we no longer need a laptop to surf the web, read our emails, do productive work or even play games as everything is available from the web. What we do need is a device with full internet connectivity. This makes tablet the best bet as the next device for the future. But whatever case, you can be very sure that ShowNearby will be there on these devices to give our dear users vital information on the go!

The first Android tablet will be arriving on the shores of Singapore on 13th November. It is none other than Samsung's Galaxy Tab. I was lucky enough to play with the device at Singtel's Accelerate 2010 and I am pretty impress by it. Here's a complete review of Galaxy Tab. With the last IT show for the year 2010 happening end of the month, we believe tablets will challenge for the hottest device of the year.

"Flash-Capable" Android Tablet :)
For the Non-Flash-Capable iPad, ShowNearby managed to steal borrow not just 1 or 2 but... 3 in total over the weekend. To the iPad Fan boys, you know what this means? ShowNearby for iPad will be coming out real soon. In fact, CJ has been working on this secret project for quite some time, and we are really excited about it. I can't really share much for now, but I suppose a sneak peek wouldn't do any harm =)

"Arriving Soon..."
Are you intending to get one soon? It would certainly make the perfect Christmas Present for us this year :D ShowNearby now accepting donations of iPads (3G or Wifi enabled will do fine. We do not look gift horses in the mouth.....but 3g is better :P)

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