Friday, November 26, 2010
So says Today Online's Hedirman Supian! In an article on Today Online, ShowNearby has received yet another media coverage/mention thanks to our provision of AED locations in Singapore! Read the entire article here!

Did you know that each and every AED location that you see in our application is provided by users like yourselves? With a picture, the latitude and longtitude (captured automatically by our application) and a short description of the AED's location, you just might become a lifesaver one day. And this is exactly how everyday heroes are born!

If you haven't already known, there is an ongoing islandwide AED hunt competition organized by Dr Dana of the First Aid Corps to increase the number of AED locations in Singapore! So download ShowNearby AED on your Android and join in the hunt today! 

So add an AED today! You'll never know when it saves a life! =)


Anonymous said...

I hope to win the competition, where will the winners be announced?

Daniel said...

On the First Aid Corps website!

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