Monday, November 8, 2010
As many of our dear users may already know, ShowNearby is currently in a relationship with Sony Ericsson. To be precise, any purchase of Sony Ericsson's Xperia series of smartphones will come preloaded with an exclusive version of ShowNearby that contains additional features not available on the ordinary version! (Sorry to our other users...but we'll release those special features to you all soon enough :P)

Our dear folks at Sony Ericsson have also returned the favor by featuring us for their marketing efforts! Apart from the co-advertising and featuring us in product launches, they have also allocated space for us at their point of sales booths! Below is a picture of what the ShowNearby wobbler looks like courtesy of Derek our designer!

The ShowNearby Wobbler!

Now let's play a simple game. The idea is to find the wobbler in the following pictures taken at handphone shops located around Singapore (selling Sony Ericsson Xperia phones of course)...If you are familiar with the "Where's Wally" books from aeons ago, then let's play "Where's Wobbly"!

Handphone Shop @ Ion Orchard

SonyCentre@Ion Orchard

SonyStyle at Paragon

While there are no prizes for finding the wobblers, you do have our thanks and our appreciation for playing the game! And we believe that is worth a lot more than material gifts like stuffed animals and things like that. To these readers, we say "Thanks for playing!"

If you believe otherwise however, feel free to head down to our office at Siglap and we'll buy you a coffee :)


PS: Sony Ericsson will be holding a workshop to help its users of the new Xperia smartphone range better understand the capabilities of their phones and ShowNearby will be involved as well! If you have recently bought an Xperia phone, do head down to Wisma Atria this saturday at 13th November to join us!


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Geez! I want that mug!

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Is it purchasable?

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