Friday, December 31, 2010
Ever since the beginning of time at ShowNearby, the tug-of-war between iPhone and Android has been inevitable leading to a diagnosis of the iDroid plague infecting the entire family at ShowNearby.  This iDroid epidemic is indeed fatal and should not be taken lightly! 

Nevertheless, 28th December 2010 marks a significant moment for ShowNearby and for the iPhone Team. From now on, ShowNearby on iPhone will no longer be marginalised by the accolades and hype received from their robotic counterparts. ShowNearby on iPhone has proved its worthiness by climbing all the way to top notch, among the 300,000 apps in the iTunes store, leaving our trademark UFO footprint as Number 1 for the Overall Top 25 Free Apps and also Number 1 for the What’s Hot Top Free Travel Category!

Here's proof....

Leading this great fightback is none other than Chief-in-Command CJ and his diligent apprentice Deepak. Of course, this revelation and breakthrough achievement would not be possible without the support and contribution from all our dear users, yOu, YoU and YOU out there! In fact, we have hit an all time high of daily downloads standing at 17,370 on 28th December 2010! TOTALLY AMAZING! 

Take a moment to realize what it really means to be number 1. It means we out performed all the other free apps out there including the tons of really cool games, utility apps etc. We have been striving really hard for this position since we first launched our iPhone app in June 2010. But even in our wildest dreams, we didn't believe that we would achieve it so soon! 
Regardless, as honourable iPhoners, let’s not forget our praiseworthy Android opponent. Being the pioneer for ShowNearby, they no doubt had their fair share of memorable moments worthy of acknowledgment (and we chose to share none of it in this blogpost). Teehee! 
Isn’t that little Android adorable munching away pieces of Apple! Not! 
So dear users, the next time you recommend ShowNearby on iPhone to one of your friends, you no longer need to spell out the name for them to search in the app store. 

Simply tell them, "Look under "Top Free", it's there at the can't miss it..." :P 

Thanks once again dear users!

The touched-happy-ecstatic-exhilarated-grateful-thankful ShowNearby team


Pat said...

BEYOND amazing!! =D

pk said...

i still like you android robot <3 lol

Douglas Gan said...

We're awesome! Thank you to all the users who made this their app!

Nadeem said...

Nice to read this.

AK47 said...

this is good job guys! congratulations!!! happy new year! =D

Anonymous said...

Sorry your number 1 is over.

Anonymous said...

no new blog post? :(

i'm a fan of this blog...but its been too long since the last post.

are u guys still around?

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