Thursday, December 9, 2010
Our first present to you! The ShowNearby Christmas doodle! If you do notice on our Facebook Page, we have actually changed our profile picture to reflect the spirit of Christmas. It’s the beautiful time of the year, and here at ShowNearby, we would like to share our wishes to all our fellow users.

ShowNearby Christmas Doodle

Ok, we realized this doesn't really count as a gift, so let's try again...

Some of you have asked if ShowNearby is ever going to update our mobile applications and what new features are in store. Yes, we are referring to you, Bernard, our loyal supporter who has given us many feedbacks on how we could improve. Thank you so much, Bernard!

Well the answer to the first question is YES! We are in the midst of baking something really sweet for all our iPhone, Android and BlackBerry users, and we will release it to the public all at the same time in the middle of December. Consider this the second Christmas present from ShowNearby to you!

With regards to the new features, we will leave it to you to find out in mid December ;) But if you are totally excited and anxious of what we have in the pipeline just for you, pay a little attention to our doodle. It’ll give you some indication. HOHOHO, Merry Christmas!

And because we are feeling generous, if you'll like another Christmas present from us, do stay tuned! No promises as yet but we just might hold a "competition" with ShowNearby merchandise up for grabs!

The ShowNearby Sleep Inducing Pillow*
*Actual Size :P

Hint: It involves the ShowNearby bus ads (aka ShowMobile) currently running on SBS bus service 14. Our loyal blog readers can probably already guess what we are going to do! (If you're not our loyal blog reader, we'll forgive you this time :P just check out our blogpost titled "The Showmobile" and be sure to follow our blog in future!)

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Douglas Gan said...

awesome! when this is ready, i also want! :D

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