Sunday, December 19, 2010
The wait must have been painful... but one thing is for sure, it is all worthwhile!

Here's what we have to say:

After many of months of hard work and analysis of what our users really desire, we have made several improvements to our mobile applications. One of the key areas which concerned our users was data accuracy. Since July, the data team have been working tirelessly cleaning up each and every data entry in our database and verifying them with various sources to ensure that the information we provide to you are as accurate as possible.

We have also added new categories such Taxi Stand, Post Office, Payment Kiosk (SAM & AXS), Bar, Spa, Hair Salon, Cafe and many more. That's a lot of categories we have added but we are not done yet. Other hotly requested categories such as 24-hrs Clinic and Mail Boxes are coming your way soon.

Besides all these improvements, we thought of giving our users something to cheer about this Christmas. Have you ever wondered how great it would be if someone could tell you the latest promotions or sales happening around you? Look no further, ShowNearby is right here to bring you these tasty treats through our latest feature: ShowNearby Promotions. Based on your location, these promotions will only appear if you are in the area.
Red UFO = Promotions = Happy
In the next couple of weeks, more and more promotions will be added. More importantly, it will be neatly integrated with our mobile application as promotions will be indicated with a Red UFO icon in our category listings in Restaurant, Bar, Spa and etc. So stay tuned. Of course, don't expect any promotions to be available in the Bus Stops and ATMs category unless there are free newspapers from news stands or free money from ATMs?? Mmm, that would really happen if someone manages to break open an ATM =D (ShowNearby robbers?)

As Christmas is coming, there are many promotions we can take advantage of to maximise our time and stretch our penny. Even though it's the spirit of giving, we should still be smart with our wallets. So remember the next time you go out shopping along Orchard Road, do look at some of our categories in ShowNearby on your mobile phone. For all you know, we could be a Santa to you! Merry Christmas to one and all from all of us at ShowNearby!


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