Thursday, December 16, 2010
A few weeks ago, we unveiled the first ShowMobile aka our very own ShowNearby Bus on the roads of Singapore. Yesterday we officially launched our second ShowMobile plying SBS Bus route 21. Derek Low, ShowNearby's lead designer, was there to witness his hard work turn to fruition. With tears streaming down his cheeks, he was heard whispering, "I can't believe this. It's such a beau. I am totally lost for words!".

Lost for words...
We totally understand how you feel, Derek. After all, this is the second series out of his six. Mmm... Let's do a spot the difference contest shall we?

Guess how many differences are there?
Lastly, if you were wondering where Bus 21 will take you, you can check out the SBS website which will probably give you this:

Or, you could simply look it up in the new ShowNearby Mobile app to find the bus service details in our latest version for Android, iPhone and BlackBerry! (Update: Bus details will not be available for iPhone and BlackBerry just yet!)

As this is still in beta, you will only be able to view the bus service details when clicking on the bus service number within the bus stop page. In future, we will integrate it with our search, and searching the bus service number will direct you to the details page.

We hope you like what we had in store for you in the latest update for the ShowNearby Mobile app. Do feel free to give us your valuable feedback as we continue to make improvements and make this application rock! In our next blog post, we will be highlighting the latest features we have implemented in ShowNearby Mobile app, so stay tuned!


Derek said...

!!!!! -_-

Douglas Gan said...

he looks so emo...haha!

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