Wednesday, December 1, 2010
With our mobile application becoming ever so popular in Singapore these days, we have noticed a spike in the number of feedbacks and queries from our dear users. It is really amazing to receive so many feedbacks from you all, and sometimes it can be quite overwhelming. In such cases, our replies to our users might not be as quick as we would have like, and we know how frustrating that can be.

Considering the number of new and cool features we will be rolling out gradually in the next couple of weeks, the PR Team have specially compiled and created a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Mobile section, consisting both general and device-specific (iPhone, Android and BlackBerry) questions. This will definitely ease our anxious and eager users, and for the rest, the FAQ pages will certainly serve as your first line of help before you drop us a mail.

Burning Questions :D

Don't be mistaken, we totally love your feedbacks, all your requests and all your comments be it positive or negative ones. And we really wished we had the resources to continue answering each and every single one within a couple of hours but sometimes that might not be possible.

It is through this feedback channel that we understand your needs as we challenge ourselves to give the best possible experience to all our users when using ShowNearby on their mobile phones.

We will continue to update these pages to keep our users abreast with the latest issues that some of you are experiencing. Do check them out, yea. Once again, thank you for supporting ShowNearby as we look forward to serve you better in future.

From the PR Team.

Updates: The links to the FAQ pages will be included in our next release of ShowNearby on Mobile for all three platforms. :D

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