Friday, October 7, 2011
Hi Folks,

We’re excited to share with you that ShowNearby has been nominated for 2 upcoming awards! We couldn’t have made it this far without your support, feedback and encouragement and this special shoutout post is dedicated to all our awesome users out there across iPhone, Android and BlackBerry. =)

We’d appreciate every single vote of confidence you give us and sincerely thank our users once again for being ShowNearby’s pillar of support!
Voting for ShowNearby is quick and easy

1) Asia's Top 50 Apps
Click here to vote for ShowNearby as Asia’s Top 50 Apps via your Facebook or Google+
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Asia’s Top 50 Apps is Asia’s pioneering award that recognizes innovation in the web and mobile application space. This award aims to increase the awareness for developers involved in building applications that changes the way people go about their daily lives.
Voting: (Click here to vote for ShowNearby via SingTel's Asia Top 50 Apps)
Steps: At the navigation sidebar, simply give us a thumbs up by clicking on the Facebook 'Like' icon (Make sure you are logged into Facebook to do that) or the Google's +1 button (If you are using Google+)

2) Infocomm123 War of the Apps

Click here to vote for ShowNearby now and tell us why it deserves to be the champ!
Note: Sign in to Infocomm123s’ Portal and tell us why you love ShowNearby.

So many apps, so little space! Infocomm123 presents the top 40 apps of all time and it's up to you to decide which app will emerge as the people’s #1 favorite! 

Voting: (Click here to vote for ShowNearby via Infocomm123)
Steps: Simply hit the "Vote" button, click on ShowNearby and sign in to Infocomm123's Portal (It's a verification process to win an iPad 2), and type a short sentence about why you love us! That's pretty much it + we will feel your bubbly love!

Currently, ShowNearby is the leading favorite app of all-time as the contest continues to heat up with Facebook and WhatsApp lurking and catching up!

Pssttt.. Check out our brand new ShowNearby's Community page unleashed specially for our users to connect with us anytime, anywhere!

Till next time, folks!
-Your passionate friends from ShowNearby.
Tuesday, October 4, 2011
Hey Folks,

Lately if you've been hearing speculations about a UFO landing on XinMSN, it's true and was officially sighted on 26th September 2011. ShowNearby was proudly featured on XinMSN front page ticker as well as under the "Mobile and Gadgets" category.

A brief introduction about XinMSN, it's a highly localized news and entertainment portal by Microsoft in collaboration with Singapore's media giant, MediaCorp.

ShowNearby's Review on XinMSN's Portal

We would also like to thank Carlo R. Coloma for his great review on XinMSN's portal, sharing with the community a thorough and comprehensive insights to ShowNearby as your daily app guide!

ShowNearby remains committed as a community-driven application and we would love to hear any feedback,comments or tweets via @ShowNearby or our Facebook page! If you haven't already, check out the review and see what makes our app so unique!

- The ShowNearby Folks!
Friday, September 23, 2011
Your support and feedback has been invaluable in making ShowNearby a successful app and to celebrate the launch of our new version, here's a special treat for you!

All ShowNearby's existing customers are entitled to unlimited promotions and must tries at no cost from now till 20th November 2011.

Here's a round-up of how you can benefit from ShowNearby's new features!

ShowNearby Must Try!
  • Introduce new product launches and drive in-store traffic
  • Connect, engage and identify the right customers with their changing wants and needs
  • Gather useful ratings and reviews from your customers
ShowNearby Promotion!
  • Serve targeted & relevant location-based offers to your customers
  • Gain ultimate control over your promotions and drive the right customers in-store
  • Increase conversion rates and improve CRM

    Hurry, take advantage of this special privilege only for ShowNearby's customers available at a limited period from now till 20th November 2011

    If you have any concerns or queries, do let us know. At ShowNearby, we are positively open to any feedback and we promise to serve you better always! 

    p/s: New customers interested to sign up with ShowNearby will also receive special rates during this limited period.

    Feel free to call us at6442 6083 or drop us an e-mail at

    Cheers from the ShowNearby Family!
    Tuesday, September 20, 2011
    The time has finally come for Team Feng to showcase their model product and make Singapore proud!
    ShowNearby extends our full support to Team Feng from River Valley High School currently in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, proudly representing Singapore in the F1 in Schools World Finals held from the 19th to the 21st September 2011 at Doubletree Hilton Hotel!
    There are 23 teams of 200 students from 17 countries competing in this F1in Schools World Finals and you can catch all the action right here with our "blogcast" or Team Feng's offical Facebook Page to share your support and any words of encouragement!
    Latest Update: Team Feng's currently ranked at 9th place and norminated for Innovative Thinking Award and Best Pit Display!
    (Psssttt..Click here to learn more about Team Feng and ShowNearby!)
    A shot of the competition venue at Malaysia right now.
    Our Team Feng booth on display to all international and local visitors.
    Team Feng Members (From Left), Lam Teng Foong, Yao Zhong Lim, Li Zhikai, Ng Pei Yin, Angel Chia Jing Wen, Jean Yong.
    Some of Team Feng’s Partners and Sponsors at their booth. Can you spot ShowNearby?
    Apart from the lovely members from their group, we love some shameless marketing, do you see kind of iPhone on the display board?
    Team Feng’s at Sepang International Circuit, where it hosts the F1 In Schools World Finals Gift Exchange event.
    Our Team Feng from Singapore! Remember to support them, check out their Facebook group (and write some words of encouragement + check out their latest photos and events update)
    Your friends from ShowNearby!
    Friday, September 9, 2011
    Powering Android!
    Experience ShowNearby's Speed Increase and Reduced Battery Consumption!

    Android users, Rejoice!

    We've been hearing some concerns and frustrations from our users on ShowNearby Android's nerve-racking battery drain problem.
    Thus ever since, somewhere not too far away in the land of ShowNearby, our awesome Android master has been stealthily piecing the puzzle together and once again cracked the code! 
    And that's not all... while chanting "We'll never succumb to battery hogs!!*, the team has also performed some extra tweaks for improvements. 

    You'll be experiencing a way faster and friendlier ShowNearby than ever before with battery life optimization!

    (Search "ShowNearby" in Android Market)

    Love it? Like our Facebook page and win an iPad 2!
    Remember to share your comments at our ShowNearby app page in Android Market!

    Any further feedback? We're listening. :)

    Enjoy your weekends!

    From the futuristic UFO Spaceship!
    Update (8/9/11):
    We would like to thank you for all your strong responses as we edge closer to our 750 likes, Keep up the good work and continue to share with your friends via Facebook and lets achieve the aim together! We will continue to give our very best at our end!

    Our promise to give away the iPad 2 still stands! :)

    Lets sweeten the deal further, if we manage to get 600 likes by this month, we would give away a few ShowNearby WOW (never given away before) packs!

    Yes! You can walk away with a brand new iPad 2.

    But here's is the catch .. We're only able to release the details for the iPad 2 Giveaway once we hit 750 likes on our Facebook page, so give us the thumbs up and it will unveil!

    To make it easier for you, we included the like button for you below!

    Let's make this happen together, we won't be here without you!

    Your dear folks from ShowNearby!
    Thursday, September 1, 2011
    Android 1.5 (Cupcake)

    Leave no man behind!

    With the recent announcment of the new ShowNearby for Android, we are thrilled to tell you that we have current development plans to continue our support for the legacy Operating System of Android 1.5 and below.
     Your feedback on this issue have been heard.

    With regards to all Android 1.5 and below users (Eg: Motorola Backflip users), we are cooking something in the lab and it will be released really soon.

    Update: ShowNearby had just released ShowNearby 1.5 and its available right now for all consumers that owns an Android phone which comes with OS 1.5 and below. - Click here to begin your download or search "ShowNearby 1.5" in your Android Market.

    However, we would like to take this opportunity to apologise for the recent disruption you experienced after upgrading the ShowNearby application via Android Market.

    Keep your feedback coming in!

    The Spaceship will return!
    Your cool friends from ShowNearby.

    PS: Our ShowNearby team would like to thank all educators for putting in their best in equipping our future generation. Happy Teachers Day!

    Enjoy this video by Ministry of Education (Singapore), We love you!

    (PS: Have you heard of ShowNearby giving you a chance to win an iPad 2 + free ShowNearby Swag!)
    Wednesday, August 31, 2011
    ShowNearby - Now Avail on iPhone/iTouch/iPad
    Update available on your iOS and Android Device!

    Wait no more! The ShowNearby UFO has finally landed on the iOS platform with its brand new update! 

    Head over to your favorite App Store or Android Market and download the latest ShowNearby app.

    You're in for a treat with all the new kick-ass features!

    We've also been receiving feedback regarding some of the existing features that many of you love. (We've continued to hear and respond to your feedback mainly through @ShowNearby /  (refer to the photo on the right) report a problem through the application which you can easily do so by clicking into a place or location and swiping the tab bar at the bottom and click on report)

    We would like to highlight that the error which some of you may have encountered upon booking a cab had already been resolved  (refer to the photo on the right). It's due to a maintenance exercise that a provider previously had which temporarily took it down. (Don't worry - it's now back online!)

    Everything should be pretty exciting! If you, however, do find something that a spaceship won't normally do - drop us a tweet or report in app!

    Heading back to Mars!
    Your loving friends from ShowNearby.

    (PS: Have you heard of ShowNearby giving you a chance to win an iPad 2 + free ShowNearby Swag!)
    Saturday, August 27, 2011
    Hello Folks!

    Our ShowNearby team have been working tirelessly for the last few days (Following the update for ShowNearby on Android, which is bigger than ever, if you haven't try it out, we highly recommend you should), with some of them even spending the night in sleeping bags!
    Our ShowNearby team goes out to play! (Thanks to all your endless love and support for the all-new ShowNearby app!)
    A shot of our team brainstorming session about the new ShowNearby features while savoring afternoon tea! - Luckily the chili and curry sauce did not drip onto our documents :)
      (Our ShowNearby’s extreme techists packing and leaving for our short holiday break!)

    And finally, it's time to grasp some fresh air (and make up to our loved ones :))! So we would love to (*taking a deep breath*) thank you for all the love and support that you have gave us during our last mega-update on the Android market, and to our fellow iPhoners out there wondering when is the long-awaited mega-update, we promise it’ll be out in the iTunes App Store REAL SOON! :)

    Have loads of fun during the holidays and we would've definitely something cooking in our pots!

    Have loads of fun during the holidays and check back soon as we always have quite a few surprises up our sleeves for our awesome users!
    To all of our friends, Happy Hari Raya Puasa and Polling Day (Singapore decides the next president).


    - Fun-loving folks from ShowNearby!
    Thursday, August 25, 2011

    Hello folks!

    We heard you!

    We have been constantly monitoring our feedback outlets and of course, we have heard you and your supportive feedback that you have been passing on to us via our Social Media outlets (via @shownearby / sending an email to

    So over the past 8 hours since the launch of the application in Android Market, our User Experience and Engineers team worked non-stop through the office. They've slept and ate in the office for the past day and as a bonus for this exclusive blog post, this is how they look like right now (in the Afternoon, after a sleepless night):

    In the next update for the Android platform, we have improved the user interface and squashed some bugs, following yesterday's update and we will push it out really soon it is live on the Market.

    We would like to Thank You for your supportive comments on the Android Market / Social Media channels and we look forward to hear from you further.

    Please do not forget about the iPad 2 giveaway! If you want your iPad 2, please help us LIKE our Facebook page! :)

    From the folks at ShowNearby :)

    (PS: Have you heard of ShowNearby giving you a chance to win an iPad 2 + free ShowNearby Swag!)
    Tuesday, June 28, 2011
    We have won the double!

    ShowNearby has emerged winner of two categories in the inaugural AppVenture Challenge 2011. We won first place in the company category and clinched the Most Innovative Government Data Award.

    The award ceremony was held at the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore's (IDA) auditorium at Mapletree Business City, June 27.

    We like to say a big "Thank You" to our partners, collaborators and of course, our dear (awesome) users, who continue to provide us with valuable feedback.

    Above, ShowNearby CEO Douglas Gan receives the award for best company, on behalf of ShowNearby.

    Below, communications manager Uncle Sam gives a photo op after receiving the Most Innovative Government Data Award for the 3 year old company.

    Above, winning 2 awards puts a smile on a CEO face.

    Below, Ngee Poly alumnus Douglas poses with an award-winning team from Ngee Ann Polytechnic. Congratulations, guys!

    We wish to take this opportunity to also congratulate the other winners at the AppVenture Challenge. Congrats =)

    New Office
    June 27 also marks the day we move from Toa Payoh to Macpherson.

    Yes, that's right. We've moved to 190 Macpherson Road, #03-02. If you've a keen interest in location-based services or the company named ShowNearby, please always feel free to email us and drop by and say "hi!"
    Monday, June 27, 2011
    Since its launch, ShowNearby has always been an active advocate of information-sharing. We are now proud to be part of the recently launched portal and initiative.

    As seen on the portal, the aims of the portal are to:
    • Provide convenient access to publicly-available data published by the government
    • Create value by catalysing application development
    • Facilitate analysis and research 
    ShowNearby, Singapore's leading location-based service provider is proud to be part of the portal, initiative and project. was initiated by the Ministry of Finance along with the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore. Key partners for this initiative are the Singapore Land Authority and the Singapore Department of Statistics.
     Peek-a-boo! We see ShowNearby as the featured app =)
    The above is a screen capture of the portal.

    With good working relationships fostered with different partners, agencies and organisations, ShowNearby builds a friendly platform which aggregates useful information for all our users.

    We are even more blessed with the launch of the portal. We are grateful, honoured and very proud to be part of the initiative, knowing we can continue to serve our community of users better. We will enjoy the convenience of data access, and our users stand to benefit more as we improve the app.
    Monday, May 30, 2011
    We have received an email from a ShowNearby user who shared with us a review of his. This is a screen capture of a review he has posted on the SBS Transit iris app on Apple iTunes. He hopes that, with his review, others would share the same sentiment.

    While ShowNearby does not endorse the views of our users, we feel it is important to listen to each and everyone of them, and if they have requests or share news with us, we'll do our best to accommodate them, hence this post.

    SBS Transit's decision to block third party applications from accessing and aggregating bus timings has affected ShowNearby.

    We have met with the relevant parties and hope to resolve the issue and reach an outcome that is favourable to all our users.

    We have also indicated that we are open to collaborating with SBS Transit, so they can leverage on our platform and have a wider reach to commuters in Singapore, whether on iPhone, Android or BlackBerry.

    It is after all our primary goal to create and continually improve a location-based utility application, and we have invested a lot of our resources into development and collaborations with different agencies to bring the most relevant information to all users.

    Bus Timings on ShowNearby
    ShowNearby users will be happy to know they can still view bus timings using the ShowNearby application.

    We have recently introduced an interim measure which allows users to view the bus timings at various bus stops. We wish to state that all information belongs to SBS Transit and as before, we rely on them for bus timings.

    Be rest assured that ShowNearby continues to function and together with the community, we are always seeking to improving it and making it an ever-reliable app for all.
    Thursday, May 26, 2011
    ShowNearby has openings for the following positions. If you have what it takes, feel free to drop us an email at career [at] shownearby [dot] com. All the best =)

    Job description:
    Your main responsibilities will be to explore and grow partnerships that will benefit users and partners alike. Working closely with merchants you will create attractive offers that will increase the business performance of the partners while designing extremely attractive offers for subscribers.
    Our partners mainly include F&B, leisure, entertainment, aesthetic industry and any merchant able to offer great deals to our subscribers.  
    We want you!  if you consider yourself a rock star, very dynamic sales oriented with some experience in the sales field, online business, advertising, internal sales, used to cold calling, social, focus and oriented to results. It is desired you leverage on your connections for better performance.
    If you are interested in working in an exciting, fast-paced startup with friendly environment, ShowNearby is the place for you. Here at ShowNearby, we are result-oriented and emphasise on individual career development of our team members. With a casual work setting where less emphasise is placed on formalities and regulations, ShowNearby has attracted a team of young, energetic and talented individuals to become a part of the ShowNearby family. So if you believe you make a good fit to our organisation, ShowNearby invites you to work and play together with us.
    Minimum 3-5 years experience of sales with proven track record
    Strong interpersonal and social skills.
    Excellent persuasion skills.
    Self-motivated and proactive
    Excellent networking, presentation & communication skills
    Very detail oriented and organised person
    Adaptability and used to change and fast peace
    Existing contacts with key accounts in F&B, leisure and entertainment.
    Former experience in online sales, advertising and social media.
    Excellent spoken and written communication skills in English, Chinese or Malay.
    Excellent team player
    Bachelor degree
    Singaporeans and PRs only
    Compensation / Benefits:
    High Competitive compensation, base + commission + bonus on monthly performance

    Copy writer & Editorial (1 full time + 2 trainee positions)
    The main target for our copy and editorial is to make people read and enjoy the entire editorial, even if they have decided, upon looking at the title, that they do not want to buy it.

    Your Responsibilities
    • Your creativity will Boost sales by promoting offers
    • Stylishly entertaining/amusing/informing the reader to encourage repeat custom, drive traffic through the site and upkeep SNB’s editorial reputation
    • Representing the merchant in a favourable light and showcasing the platform as a valuable marketing tool for businesses
    • Ensuring our offer descriptions clearly communicate the key selling points, entertain the reader within the SNB Voice, and consistently fulfill our commitment to transparency
    • Ensuring that write-ups clearly present deals to subscribers
    • Ensuring that the most compelling and relevant selling points have been clearly expressed and logically organised
    • Ensuring a creative content

    Your Skills

    • Ability to write in an accessible, and engaging and friendly tone
    Excellent command of English language.
    • Computer literate with a good understanding of MS Office, HTML and CMS
    • Ability to prioritise workload meet deadlines
    • Positive attitude, energetic approach and self-motivation are all essential
    • Previous writing experience is essential

    If you are interested in working in an exciting, fast-paced startup with friendly environment, ShowNearby is the place for you. Here at ShowNearby, we are result-oriented and emphasise on individual career development of our team members. With a casual work setting where less emphasise is placed on formalities and regulations, ShowNearby has attracted a team of young, energetic and talented individuals to become a part of the ShowNearby family. So if you believe you make a good fit to our organisation, ShowNearby invites you to work and play together with us.

    QA & scheduling (full time & trainee)
    QA & scheduling team is responsible for ensuring the quality of the featured deals as well as the right mix of deals every day.
    Your responsibilities
    •           Review, check and approve the deals that fulfill the quality standards established by SNB
    •           Schedule along the time, communicating the partner the publishing of the deal.
    •           Analytics on the performance, structure, price, and other KPI’s of the deals reporting internally and the key stakeholders the results.
    •           As QA & scheduling you will be communicating with several teams, so it is important to be teamplayer.
    •           Taking ownership and be proactive
    Essential skills
    •           Analytic and critical thinking.
    •           Team player and able to convey and communicate the new findings with the rest of the teams
    •           Able to work with daily deadlines
    •           Experienced scheduling will be a plus
    Tuesday, May 24, 2011
    Dear ShowNearby users,

    In view of the news today (Straits Times, Home section, first page), you know by now that SBS Transit, the bus company has blocked apps such as ShowNearby from featuring bus timings.

    We at ShowNearby have initiated conversation with the bus company. However, they stand by their decision not to allow ShowNearby to feature their bus timings.

    We believe that with the provision of bus timings on multiple platforms and various applications, commuters in Singapore are better served as a result of wider reach and convenient access to the information.

    We also wish to state that we are open to collaborating with SBS Transit to bring the timings to iPhone, Android and BlackBerry users.

    We have almost half a million users using our free-to-download app and see it as a genuine disservice to all of them when access to bus timing information is blocked.

    This is an unfortunate setback for us as a provider of information to people in Singapore. We are always working in collaboration with state and public service organisations to aggregate relevant and value-added information to any person in Singapore who downloads the app.

    We are most supportive of the free flow of information in the interest and benefit of the public. There are similarly spirited initiatives spearheaded by the government in the  project. There have been movements towards and arguments for open information too, and we wish to share them here and here. According to the latter source, the opening of data will "drive the creation of innovative business and services that deliver social and commercial value".

    We will continue to work hard towards an outcome that is favourable to all our users, whether they are on iPhone, Android phones or BlackBerry. We hope to continue to provide value-added services to people in Singapore.

    The ShowNearby Family
    Monday, May 16, 2011
    After developing and submitting an app for the BlackBerry PlayBook, we are delighted to have received a PlayBook from BlackBerry on May 16!

    Thank you BlackBerry =D

    Nice huh? Now we have something to play with, and of course, develop on, all thanks to the generous folks behind BlackBerry.

    By the way, speaking of BlackBerry, we are looking for awesome BlackBerry developers to join our dynamic mobile team. Feel free to drop us an email at career [at] shownearby [dot] com if you feel you have what got it takes to be an awesome BlackBerry developer.

    For other openings, please check out our job listings here.

    We also like to take this opportunity to seek your support and "likes" for ShowNearby's Aseanpreneurs Ideas Canvas project - The Green Mobilisation. We have been selected as the finalists and are very honoured. "Like" us like you like us k? =D
    ShowNearby has won The Pitch at the Mobile Marketing Association Forum Singapore 2011, held at the Grand Hyatt Singapore,on May 5!

    Our Business Development Manager, Amarpal Singh, also affectionately known by the mononym Ace, represented the company and presented a demonstration of the full capabilities of the ShowNearby mobile application in a 6-minute pitch. ShowNearby's pitch emerged the most popular among a group of 6 companies.

    Thanks to the raised hands and applause, ShowNearby has earned a Samsung Galaxy Tab!

    Go Ace! Go ShowNearby!

    Ace delivering his presentation. Image by mshisham.
    Tuesday, May 10, 2011
    Within the short period of its launch during the Singapore General Elections campaign, the "GE2011" search category has garnered thousands of views.

    We provided information on rally sites and consituency locations, that proved useful to our ShowNearby users.

    ShowNearby takes this opportunity to share with our users the top 5 most popular and most frequented constituencies on ShowNearby! These are the most searched and most visited rally site points of interest based.

    *drum roll*

    #5 - Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC
    #4 - Tampines GRC
    #3 - West Coast GRC
    #2 - Ang Mo Kio GRC
    and ...
    #1 - Aljunied GRC

    The top 3 most searched and visisted SMC rally site points of interest are:

    #3 - Joo Chiat SMC
    #2 - Hougang SMC
    #1 - Sengkang West SMC

    We hope ShowNearby has your mandate to provide free location-based services to all users in Singapore! =D

    We are very honoured to be building the app with our users' suggestions, ideas and support as ShowNearby enters its fourth year in the business. Please keep the feedback, ideas and suggestions coming in!

    Feel free to reach out to ShowNearby via our feedback channel on the app, our Twitter account and our Facebook page (be our friend). With all these convenient avenues, you definitely do know what to say! =)