Monday, February 28, 2011
On Jan 22 at the National Library, ShowNearby CEO Douglas Gan was invited to speak about entrepreneurship and his experiences in business.

The event “Our Young CEOs: Dare to Dream and Dream Big” held at The Plaza, at the National Library Building, was organised by the National University of Singapore Entrepreneurship Society Global Project Team, BizAsia and International Student Alliance for Global Entrepreneurship (ISAGE).

The event was attended by people of different cultures and nationalities, united by their interest in entrepreneurship.

Douglas was among 4 speakers who shared their work, experience and insights as young entrepreneurs.

There is an interesting blog post about the event by Min Hau Ong, who was in attendance. You may read it here.

Post-event thoughts
Douglas also shares his thoughts about the event. The 11-year internet entrepreneur veteran thinks events, talks and seminars of this nature are necessary for the flow of ideas and stories.

“You’ll never know if someone becomes inspired or develops an idea. At the same time, there are individuals who come with billion-dollar ideas, but don’t know how to get started, for instance. When they listen to the stories and experiences of how entrepreneurs struggle or how find opportunities, it will give them the perspective they need, or maybe the push they deserve, to tell themselves that ‘Hey, this is what I can do. I’m up for it!’”

“I applaud the effort schools are taking to foster the spirit of entrepreneurship,” says Douglas.

If you are interested in inviting Douglas to attend or speak at your events, please feel free to contact us at ask [at] shownearby [dot] com.

About the event
On this day, we will be focusing on young entrepreneurs who have stepped out and ventured their own businesses, many started while they were still students. Apart from a sharing session, there will be a short presentation by SPRING on the various types of funding schemes available for aspiring entrepreneurs out there. Amongst the audience will be participants from China, Taiwan and Chile. Come mingle, interact and listen to the experiences of our Young CEOs.

More information on iConnect here, and on NEC here.
Friday, February 25, 2011
In the past couple of weeks, SingTel has been running newspaper ads, promoting the sale of their Android phones. Nice looking phones, by the way.

Below is one Singtel ad, featured in the Straits Times.

ShowNearby is proud to have been featured as one of the top highlights by the service provider. We are also featured on their website, as seen below.

Of course, ShowNearby is more than just a "Shopper App"!

We help with navigation. We also provide information for various points of interest. Don't forget the ERP rates, k?

Well, you get the picture. If you haven't, go download the app and explore it. We're sure Singapore's leading location-based service provider is of some use to different people.

The app is regularly updated to accommodate the suggestions and ideas from our users, regardless of race, religion, shopping habits, commuting means, personality, lifetsyle and so on.

Do give us a shout when you see our bus ads, plus other advertisements that feature the good brand that is ShowNearby, ya? =) In fact, people who have seen our ad on the bus (on SBS bus numbers 14, 21, 51, 74, 76) have even called these buses "the ShowNearby bus"! Very flattering indeed.

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Thursday, February 24, 2011
There's a shootout at ShowNearby! You do remember the picture below of our Android developer and his violent gun-slinging tendencies (see previous blog post).

A few of the ShowNearby folks are armed to the teeth. That contributes significantly to decision-making processes.

Thankfully, no one was hurt in the shootout just now. Productivity wasn't hurt too.

YEAH! Shoot those icons down. They're flooding your desktop, bro!

Once you go Mac, you don't go back... and you'll get shot too.

When ShowNearby hits 2 in 3 smart phones (currently 1 in 3 in Singapore), there will be more guns and heavier ammunition!

Yes, this is where we work. =D
Monday, February 21, 2011
Every now and then, a ShowNearby user will use the app and suddenly lets out a hefty “WAH LAO!”

The latest boo-boo on Google Maps features Pulau Bukom right smack in the heart of the National University of Singapore (NUS), which happens to be on the main island. Speaking of smack, this is facepalm-worthy exceeding the decibel levels you'll find in certain women's professional tennis matches.

Pulau Bukom is an island 5km South of the main island. The island is mostly home to the oil refineries of Shell.

There is perhaps something NUS is doing that most of us aren’t aware of. Varsity fee hikes for the past few years and now “Pulau Bukom” appears at Heng Mui Keng Terrace!

The Google Maps gaffe is not new. Pulau Tekong, a Northeast island, was wrongly labeled “Jurong Island”, an island Southwest of Singapore. See the blog post here.

And Changi Airport, a world class airport, was bestowed the “Pulau Tekong” name. Well, they do share the same attributes in the emphasis on safety and vigilance.

ShowNearby overlays hundreds of thousands of its points of interests on Google Maps. Such errors do affect us, as users do not normally discern between what is ShowNearby and what isn’t.

They have been sharing with us their views, complaints and praises via our feedback channel, and we do our best to work with their concerns in mind.

Any how, we do appreciate the feedback from our dear users. Keep the contributions coming in, k?

Google has been notified of the error and will be rectifying this. Thanks!
Friday, February 18, 2011
Hey hey hey! We're back! We've settled into our new office in Yellow Pages Building. Bigger space. More room to have fun!

Fun as in shooting hoops in the office (as above), or literally shooting others as demonstrated by our Android developer Reynard (below). You won't want to disagree with him.

Who uses ShowNearby?
Enough about people in ShowNearby, let's talk about people who use ShowNearby.

We often get questions from our friends and business partners which go along the lines of “Who are your users?”

A myriad of experiences and imaginings flock into our minds as we come with the answer.

Facts at a glance
Well, there are over 350,000 ShowNearby users in Singapore as of January 2011. A large portion of our users fall within the age range of 18-35.

Our users on Android, iPhone and BlackBerry mirror the typical demographies that use the devices. We are so popular on iPhone that we were #1 for a while in December - a very notable achievement which got our developer cartwheeling across the office in glee.

Moving on to the juicier details, we also receive information on the search habits of users, which we use for profile construction. Hey, having statistics adds spine to that guess-timation.

We have over 34 million searches in the last 3 months. And they say a lot of interesting things about our dear users in Singapore.

Singaporean mobile search trends
Our records show that the typical Singaporean (ShowNearby user) in December 2010 is always on the go. Almost 40% of our searches are related to transportation, with “Bus Stop”, "Carpark", "Petrol Station", "ERP" and "Bus Interchange" all figuring in the top 25 most frequently searched keywords.

The smart phone is truly a handy device to have when you're on the go. But please do not use it while you are driving, k?

Another popular search by Singaporeans is food, which amounts to 11% of all searches. We obviously love our restaurants (#3), fast food (#4) and cafes (#11). We love to eat! Nom nom nom…

ShowNearby definitely gets you through the day, just like coffee! And we have “Starbucks” and “Coffee Bean” at #30 and #39 respectively.

Some say too much coffee can be bad for your teeth, so that could (in our wildest imagination) be indicative of the popularity of “Dental Clinic” searches at #25… Nah! We’re probably all just health-conscious and always ready to take care of our dental hygiene, right? By the way, “Hospital” and “Clinic” respectively rank #8 and #18.

The next popular search by Singaporeans comprises 10% of all searches in the month of December. Ranked #2 is ATM. Talk about always being in need of (drawing) money! Searches for AXS (#5) are also pretty hot. “Money Changer” figures at #32 and the hardworking folks at ShowNearby are currently developing this as a category.

Singaporeans love to have a great time too. From our search results, there is keen interest in supermarkets (#12), movie theatres (#15), Singapore Pools (#17, hmmmmm) and shopping centres (#24).

That’s Singaporeans in a mobile nutshell. Transport, Food, Payment Kiosks & ATMs are the 3 hot searches by information-seeking Singaporeans on mobile.

Moving forward
We could share other information such as searches for Orchard (#58) because we know it’s a popular area to hang around, so are Serangoon (#71), Jurong (#74), Bugis (#78), Ang Mo Kio (#80) and Hougang (#83).

We could also share bizarrely interesting, or interestingly bizarre, search keywords such as “2151” (#132), “120611” (#180) and “t” (#201). But these will be another story altogether. Stay tuned!

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