Monday, February 21, 2011
Every now and then, a ShowNearby user will use the app and suddenly lets out a hefty “WAH LAO!”

The latest boo-boo on Google Maps features Pulau Bukom right smack in the heart of the National University of Singapore (NUS), which happens to be on the main island. Speaking of smack, this is facepalm-worthy exceeding the decibel levels you'll find in certain women's professional tennis matches.

Pulau Bukom is an island 5km South of the main island. The island is mostly home to the oil refineries of Shell.

There is perhaps something NUS is doing that most of us aren’t aware of. Varsity fee hikes for the past few years and now “Pulau Bukom” appears at Heng Mui Keng Terrace!

The Google Maps gaffe is not new. Pulau Tekong, a Northeast island, was wrongly labeled “Jurong Island”, an island Southwest of Singapore. See the blog post here.

And Changi Airport, a world class airport, was bestowed the “Pulau Tekong” name. Well, they do share the same attributes in the emphasis on safety and vigilance.

ShowNearby overlays hundreds of thousands of its points of interests on Google Maps. Such errors do affect us, as users do not normally discern between what is ShowNearby and what isn’t.

They have been sharing with us their views, complaints and praises via our feedback channel, and we do our best to work with their concerns in mind.

Any how, we do appreciate the feedback from our dear users. Keep the contributions coming in, k?

Google has been notified of the error and will be rectifying this. Thanks!

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